I Wanna Take You to a G-Bar, a Genius-Bar!

If you’ve never been inside an Apple store, all I can say is, it’s surreal.
I had to sign in to see a Mac Genius. When my turn came I was face with a dude that was almost a mirror image of me. At first I thought it was Apple’s way of helping me feel at home-you know..”come on in, we’ll have you help you”..that kind of thing.

But it wasn’t me. And I don’t know NotMe’s name, so it doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, I bellied up to the bar. Told him my sad tale and handed over my deadPod. He looked at it, typed some things into the computer and after a little small talk said, “hold on. I’ll be right back.” Um. Sure. I wasn’t going anywhere. Not without a new iPod anyway.

He comes out with a brown box. And you know what? Sonuvabish if it wasn’t a 40GB iPod. I guess just because they don’t sell the 40’s anymore that doesn’t mean the service centers don’t still stock them.

I was giddy. I wouldn’t have to worry about cases, or accessories or any of that bull. Everything would be the same. And I had a new unit. And then came the bad news.

Only, he called it the “down side.”

OK. Hit me.

Turns out if your iPod dies in the first 6 months of the 12 year warranty, they swap it out no questions. If it dies in the last 6 months, you have to pay a $30 ‘recycling’ fee. Um. OK. Did I mention I wasn’t leaving without a working iPod?

OR….he said….You could get the Apple Protection Plan for $59….which waives the recycle fee and totally covers your iPod until 2.26.2007 (the present warranty is up in 2006).

So….lemme get this straight…for $30 more, I get free service for an additional year…including the dreaded battery replacement (which they charge $60 for).


Cool. Sign me up.

And that was it. 10 minutes later we were headed toward Target…new iPod in tow.

I have to say I was pretty damn impressed with the customer service…even if the Apple store does look like it came straight from A Clockwork Orange.

I felt bad for the girl next to me who was at the G-Bar because she dropped her notebook 6 inches on to a carpeted floor (after having just paid it off)…it was going to cost her $755 to get her shitz fixed.

Bets she wishes she got the protection plan earlier.

Now comes the fun of loading all the music back on it.


2 thoughts on “I Wanna Take You to a G-Bar, a Genius-Bar!

  1. I have a powerbook g4, and i bought the extended warranty on it in late 2002 when i got it..and on the 10th time i dropped it in 2004, from a height of about 4 feet i broke the monitor hinge…and it was still under warranty…and they replaced it, no questions asked–well, they asked questions, and i just lied about how i actually broke it…\”of course I didn\’t drop it. do i look like an idiot? it has to be a faulty hinge–see how it\’s broken?\”…i\’ve dropped it about 10 more times since, and it still works great. 🙂 warranties totally rock!

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