Dinosaur Sighting

Looks like the RIAA is up to their old tricks again (by which I mean that they are violently trying to oppose something that has already become an established protocol with music)..

Maybe someone can talk the Vice President into taking the RIAA hunting with him…..

Still think the RIAA is really just concerned with illegal downloading?? Nope. Guess again. Now they’re about to tell you what you can do with your CD after you buy it.

Via a link from Boingboing….read about it here.

My disgust for the RIAA is well documented by now. My whole problem with them is that (a)They are making enemies of their consumers and (b)their model of delivery is enrtirely outdated.

At first they wanted to tell people what to do with music that was downloaded (legally or illegally, remember it wasn’t “illegal” until a judge ruled on it, it was just unprecedented). Now they want to tell people what they can and cannot do with music that they’ve payed for!!

That deserves a big ole WTF??

It’s about time the RIAA stops sitting on their heads and realizes that the technology curve has already passed them by.

Rather than trying to stem the oncoming tide, they need to figure out how to embrace the new wave.

And fast.

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