Holy Scalding Hydro-Flow Batman!

So…we moved in to our new (to us) house last July. And one thing that’s always been troublesome is the fact that when you turn on the hot water, if you’re not careful..in just a few seconds, it’s scalding. No, seriously. I can make the instant oatmeal with just the hot water coming out of the tap

This made the shower situation awkward, too. It took a fine, precise touch to gently tap the thing in place to get the water that was hot enough to not shrivel anything but not too hot to burn off flesh.

Tonight in an unprecedented fit of handyman aplomb, I decided to investigate. I had been inside a hot water tank before (ok, witnessed someone change the temperature on one at my friends house) and it required a screwdriver, a flashlight, a fair amount of cursing, and another screwdriver (of the beverage variety). Fortunately for me, our was not that difficult (although I could use a tastey beverage right about now). There was a box on the outside with a knob. The box said Energy Saver. At 11 O’Clock was the word HOT. At 2 O’Clock was the word WARMER and the arrow indicating which direction to turn the knob was going from 11 to 2. The point of the knob, however, was at 7 O’Clock. WAY the hell past HOT and into FLESH EATING (only there wasn’t enough room for that, so they didn’t put anything there).

I put it somewhere around 12 O’Clock and went upstairs to proclaim my manliness to my wife. We tested it. She turned on the faucet of the kitchen sink…full bore on the HOT side….and waited.
10 seconds later it was starting to get warm. Ahh…success. No more boiling water from our spigot. And if that box is accurate, it will save me energy, too. One can only hope that translates into some kind of financial gain.

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