Jen Takes on A-Ha

*Original Rant about “United93” removed to give more props to my daughter and the kick ass job she did on her first recording (this year).*

In other news tonight…Jenyfer came over to record a track. At first I thought it was going to be an original, but it turns out she wanted to record “Take On Me.” So…cool. I think it came out pretty well. She played all of the instruments (short of the drum machine). We would up doing 4 tracks of guitar and 5 tracks of keyboards (the keys didn’t make it to the final mix, but I’m seriously thinking of remixing it again and making them work, too). So, here it is, without further ado.

Jen’s cover of Take On Me

Speaking of Keys…I’d like to give props to Sony for using the Keys-O in their latest commercial for their digital camera. If you ever wondered what my main instrument of choice was in the first iteration of Devilcake…just check out that commercial and you’ll see it. It would be even cooler if she were playing Chameleon, but you can’t always get what you want.

Except for now.

Now I want to sleep. And I’m gonna get me some of that.


3 thoughts on “Jen Takes on A-Ha

  1. Guitars too??? Rock on Jen!!!and yeah… I laughed the first time i saw the sony comercial. actually, i don\’t think i even knew what it was for. but, i think it is kinda weird that Sony would be using a Yamaha keyboard in their commercial. i can\’t imagine that sony hasn\’t done a musical instrument of some sort. but i am sure none of them are as cool as the shs-10. 🙂

  2. Yeah. guitars, too. She figured out the chords on her own, taught herself to play it and was a trooper when I wanted to record \”just one more track of guitar.\” Talk about a proud papa moment. :-)I don\’t know that Sony ever made any actual synths. I think they were more on the mix/pro-audio side of the gear.

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