Weekend Update

Nothing new to report.
I was going to a big long post about the weekend, but I’m just not feeling it right now.

My tummy is kind of yucky. I think I put too much Bay Seasoning on the popcorn.

But it’s all good. Because I’m listening to Newcleus in my new Noise Canceling Radio Shack (Koss) headphones. And dude…they sound sweet. I’m pretty sure I can drown out the talking d****bags in the quiet lab.

And, they are going to be good for filming. I’ll be able to hear just what’s coming through the camera (or the minidisc). And they should be pretty good for this weekend.

And, also for the weekend, I picked up some Monster Cable that RadioShack had on sale. This freakin’ cable is normally like $40 for the heavy duty braided stuff. It was on sale for $9. I didn’t see how I could pass it up. And it’s definitely more pro-looking than the 18gauge BS speaker wire on a spool I would have been using. This stuff looks like it belongs with the mixer and maybe it’s just me buying in to the hype, but it does seem to have better response. I had the mixer pushed up pretty high this evening. My neighbors have to hate me by now. But it’ll all be over soon.

I just hope that the tracks are dope enough to keep the 13 year olds jamming for the hours from 7PM to 10PM. We’ll see.

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