What I Was So Busy With

So, my nephew graduated high school (which makes me feel OLD. OK, not really, but isn’t that what you say when people that you knew from infancy reach major life milestones?) So, yeah. He graduated and my sis-in-law wanted me to put together a video for him.

I got the photo scans and video clips to edit 4 days before she needed the video. Yes. Four days. Now, I’m used to putting things off, so I don’t mind the rush of trying to get something done in the last minute, but normally I’M the one that likes to procrastinate (and I build in my own deadlines accordingly). But anyway…the video when off without a hitch. Everyone loved it and like the broke-bastard that I am, that became my graduation gift (he’ll appreciate it when he’s older).

And along about that same time, I was asked to do a promo-video (a ‘commercial’ if you will) for a church retreat for Hyde Park Methodist Church in Cincinatti. I don’t know anything about the church, but the reverend leading it used to pastor at my church. So…I said “sure.”

Part of my shot list was a sunrise over the water. And since I live near a resevoir, I thought it’d be a pretty simple shot.

And it was. Simple…and so freakin’ amazing (I think I goo’d over it in a previous post, so I won’t rehash that), but damn. It was sweet. I’m gonna render and make a DVD just of that to throw in when I think I’m too important and life gets in the way of me being mister bigshot. It’s a pretty humbling reminder that you can’t even begin to touch the awesomeness of God (or the universe, or KISS or whatever deity or non-deity you pray to). People are so small next to that.

So..the retreat promo. I think it came out OK. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Brenda’s seen it (the one leading the retreat) and really liked it. And since she’s the one that commissioned it, if she’s happy, I’m happy.

You can take a look at it here if you want. Retreat Video

Nancy and Tommy are in Chicago. And Jen and I are going to West (by God) Virginia tomorrow for a family reunion. It should be…eh..interesting (and probably fun, even if there isn’t any beer).

Sunday Jen and I are hitting the Science of Star Wars exhibit at COSI. Gee, I wonder where my daughter gets it from?

Alright, gotta be on the road fairly early tomorrow, so I’m gonna sign off now.



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