Closing the Darkroom

This really is just a quick, “hi, how are ya” kind of post.

First things first. I’d like to give a big shout out to my homeys over at Devilcake for rocking it foodcore yet again. With all the craziness this summer I hope to get out and see them before the band goes on another hiatus of undefined duration. I missed their last iteration when Darrin was still banging the skins. I actually haven’t heard any of the new stuff (or re-working on the old stuff). Thank god they have a MySpace* page that I can check out. So, word.

Now on to some sad news. With only 6 posts or something completely lame like that, the TZPPhoto blog is the weakest link. Goodbye.

*Speaking of MySpace. I had a page up a while back on M(urdoch’s)ySpace, but took it down because I wasn’t really that keen on the idea of NewsCorp (the same fine folks that bring us the fair and balanced FoxNews) trolling the collective database to see how best to market to us. So I closed the page (and apparently someone else was just waiting to snatch up the name ‘twistedzen’ for their MySpace page–so I lost that when I signed back up. Yes. I’m a big wussy. Everyone’s got a MySpace page, and dammit, I just want to be one of the cool kids. Please, don’t bother looking for it yet (or ever). It’s not really even set up beyond the tripe they make you fill out as you register for (being part of their marketing database and demographics studies) for free. I think I might have screwed up their analysis, though. I put that I was a water carrier from Zimbabwe who liked to listen to Elvis records and collect Pervis Ellison trading cards in her spare time.

Nothing new on the film front. I finally got paid for the retreat video promo I did in May. And my harddrive is currently 75% consumed with footage from Dylan’s 13th Birthday Party that I’m trying (not very hard) to edit before Aug. 12th.

Rumor has it that the highschool approved my proposal for filming the varsity soccer team again this year(16 games + a highlight film). And since it’s going through the school this time, they’ll either pay me the full amount up front or 1/2 in August, 1/2 in September. Either way it will pay some bills, buy the gas and pay for some hardware upgrades. Yes. It’s videography. And yes, somewhere a ways back I made it very clear that I was a filmmaker and not a videographer. Turns out that I’m a filmmaker when I have money and a videographer when I need money. Works for me.

And I haven’t been thrifting in several weeks now (sorry about that). I still have the pictures from the trip before last that I keep promising to post, but in all honesty, it’s much more likely that I’m gonna go again this week, take fresh pix and post those. I’ll put the other ones on the back burner to post and pass off as fresh some other time.

That’s all I got for now.


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