A Mega Update

Holy crap! Has it really been 2 weeks since I’ve updated this? Oh mylanta. Well, I know this won’t satisfy the ThriftPost jones (but hopefully I’ll take care of that this Weds w/half-price thrift store day).

First off, I’d like to congratulate Darrin and Maryann on the birth of their baby girl, Norah Elizabeth, who decided to come into the world this past Friday.

To Darrin and Maryann–you guys are the greatest and Norah is lucky to have you as parents!! (and when you’re ready for a night out, let us know, we’ll babysit).

The second major update is news that the TwistedZen website has gone through a MAJOR overhaul. Go ahead, check it out, I’ll wait. Who knew my ISP had such cool web design tools? Well, I mean, I do. Now.

And in other video news, I finally finished this year’s installment of the Dylan Birthday Video Project (I can’t tell you the name yet, because it’s a surprise).

I’ve got some other family videos to work on before the fall soccer season starts.

OK. So, it’s not really that MEGA of an update.

But hopefully it’ll keep you coming back, at least after Wednesday.

Peace out.

3 thoughts on “A Mega Update

  1. Thanks for the baby sitting offer. I\’m sure we\’ll take you up on it sometime, though I\’m not sure how soon. I\’m still trying to get the diaper changing thing down. :)And the new web page looks awesome. Are you gonna have any clips on the new site?Now that we\’ve covered that, I\’m ready for a thrift store update. My request is for you to find something is a piece of macrame. 🙂

  2. Thanks!! Yeah. I\’ll put some clips on there. I\’m contemplating the \’plus\’ package from the ISP that will let me get some additional pages that branch off from the main ones and play with the navigation a little better. Once I do that, I probably will put more clips up on the site.But yeah, it was a blast.Macreme? I\’m on it.

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