Still Waiting to Exhale

OK. I’m not sure what that movie really has to do with anything at this point in my life.

HOWEVER…I promised you a thrift post this weekend. And I’m here to say….the weekend ain’t over yet. ..but it’s not looking good.

I spent most of yesterday finishing the edits on the current movie project (and it’s done, thankyouverymuch). I also got my hair cut (and it looks rather dashing imustsay).

Today was spent watching it snow this morning. In between burning DVD copies of the movie for my dad to send to our family in KY, I got to FINALLY (in bigboy letters) use my snow blower today!!! Yay!

It rules. I did my driveway, and 3 of my neighbors driveways in the time it used to take me to shovel my drive. Definitely money well spent (esp. since it was about $50).

After that I chilled, watching the Studio 60… marathon on Bravo. And then we went to my mom and dad’s for a bit (dropped off the DVDs, watched the movies, cried a bit), then came home. After a quick trip to the neighbors to install their roadrunner, here i sit.

Oh jeesh. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let this blog turn in to one of those ‘here’s every detail of my life’ kinds of things.

damdamdamdamdam. Oh well. Can’t be helped.

I’m off to go update the TwistedZen site and the TwistedZen Projects blog with details of the movie and subsequent newspaper article that it may (or may not) generate in the coming weeks.

Have a good rest of your weekend (And I’m still going to try to get the thrift blog up in time for your Monday wake-me-up cup’a joe).

peace out,


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