3 Donuts

Well, the last thrift post went off so well….I thought I’d post another.

But I don’t have any thrift pix at the moment. So it will have to wait until maybe this weekend when I can get over to the OhioThrift.

(I do have some cool finds from Nancy’s grandparents house, but that’s a story for another post).

What I will leave you with on this fine Wednesday is a video we threw together this morning.
The premise is simple ….3 donuts for $3. Epic in it’s simplicity.


One thought on “3 Donuts

  1. It\’s always fascinating to watch geeks in their natural habitat.Gotta be careful not to suck down too much powdered sugar, though. It\’ll clog up your lungs and make ya cough. (Don\’t ask why I know that. I just do.)

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