Unfortunately Traffic is NOT All Right Now

I don’t often do rants (anymore, that is)…but after the drive in to work this morning, I feel like I need one. Just a mini-rant.
It won’t take long because my commute is about 10 minutes on a good day. 6 miles.
So….a couple of things.
Number 1.
That blinky thing that you never use is called a turn-signal. It is so named because you are supposed to use it to signal other drivers that you are about to turn. And while it may be an annoyance to set down either your Starbucks Half-Crappacino-Blahtte or your cell phone and actually pay attention to the f**king road–do us all a favor…try using it.
It prevents people like me from driving my 27miles to the gallon Mazda Protege right on up the tailpipe of your Gas-Guzzling SUV with the Suzy Cheerleader sticker because I wasn’t smart enough to read your mind and realize that since you missed your turn,you’re going to try taking it anyway at 35mph. 
And…Number 2.
This one’s more like a story problem.
If I’m driving between 45 and 50MPH and you are turning in front of me and NOT trying in the least to blend in the flow of traffic or accelerate to the point where I don’t have to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting you…how long do I have to honk my horn before you realize that you’re a freakin’ idiot and if you would have waited 10 seconds, you could have pulled out behind me, since there were no cars whatsoever behind me? (To be fair, this is a trick question. No matter how long I honk my horn, you will somehow find a way to curse me for not being able to read your mind, realize you were about to turn out in front of me (even though your K-Car has all the pickup of Maple Syrup in January), and yes…I’m an idiot. I should have slowed down, because you DO own the road. My mistake. Allow me to give you a small gesture for your troubles…)
That’s all I got for now, but seems like a rather Monday-ish post anyway, so we’ll leave it at that.

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