Rosy Festivities

All in all, I’d have to say this was a pretty chilled, laid back weekend. Friday night was the boy’s soccer party where we got together with the other kids and parents from his spring outdoor team, most of whom I didn’t know since I’d only made it to about 5 of the games. But hey, I’m never one to turn down brats on the grill.

Speaking of that, Saturday brought a graduation party at one of my neighbor’s. He graduated college and threw a party complete with ‘wedding reception’ soundtrack on shuffle. But again, I’m not one to turn down brats…or beer, in this case. And I’m usually not one to turn down barbecue on the big ass BBQ pit either. Unless of course, the barbecue’r happens to dowse the food in lighter fluid in a (weak, and rookie) attempt at making the fire temporarily hotter to try to cook the food faster. Yes we were hungry. But damn, son! I would have waited another hour if it didn’t mean sucking down lighter fluid on my ribs (I’m still burping that shit up today).

But again, it was free. And there was beer. And there was Darrin, my homey, that came over to hang out and burp lighter fluid. And I have to say that listening to some of the shite we did in 2nd Floor from 6 years ago was very VERY funny stuff. And I can’t wait to do it again.

From that I went to skipping soccer on Sunday (didn’t think they needed me yakking lighter fluid) on the field. But Nancy and I did go to the Festival of Roses.

That leads me to the pix.


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