Still Here

While the Thrift posts have been conspicuously absent, I did want to let everyone that reads this blog (I think we’re up to 7 now) that I am, in fact, still here. Well, not here exactly, since I’m actually emailing this post in (sort of the Blog equivalent of phoning it in).
So, you may (or may not) be curious as to what’s been happening in my life as of late.
Well I’ll tell you anyway.
Not a whole hell of a lot.
I’ve been going to work…Monday through Friday.  On the weekends, I’ve puttered around the house….put beer in the new beer fridge….taken beer out of the new beer fridge….thrown empty beer bottles away….grilled on the new (to me) Weber. And just kind of enjoyed the relaxing pace of the summer.
This weekend we’re having a vinyl/euchre party (and no, it’s not some kink thing…it’s vinyl…as in Records….and euchre…as in Cards). Should be fun. At least I plan on having fun (don’t really no about anyone else…who’s gonna show up…what kind of fun it’s going to actually be…and whether or not my friends/co-workers/neighbors will be able to mix it up under the same roof (one nation under a groove)…I guess we’ll find out. Either way I plan on having fun. Spin some records. Play some hands of Euchre. Play some Guitar Hero II. Come on by if you’re in the area!
Let’s see….what else can I tell you to make it look like I’m busy working on an important email while actively avoiding working on this fine Friday the 13th?
Oh yeah. Transformers.
Loved it!
Seen it 3 times (and are making arrangements to go see it the 4th time).  This is something that I have to honestly say from the bottom of my heart:
It is my favorite movie of all time.
Seriously. For 20 years of my life, StarWars has held that spot (the prequels weakened that foundation) but Transformers squarely knock the f**k out of that.
It is my favorite movie.
Oh, that and the new Die Hard movie is pretty sweet. Not as sweet as Transformers, but pretty cool.
Let’s see…what else? Oh yeah-the iPod Shuffle.
I got one at Meijer’s 2-Day Sale for $59.99.  And yeah, I know I have a 40GB 4th Gen iPod…so why would I want a 1GB Shuffle? Well…I got one for Nancy for Christmas and thought they were cool then…and I got to thinking that I only really listen to about 3 or 4 albums when I’m at work (which is where I listen to the iPod most often anyway) which is WELL under the 1GB limit.  So I got one.
And I loaded a buttload of music on one of my external drives and just hit Autofill.
And I have to say…after a few little nuances that took a bit of getting used to, I really like it. It’s small. It clips on to my id badge lanyard and it’s easy to pause/play because of the way the buttons are raised. It’s just a good answer. And since getting it, the only place I’ve used the iPod was when cleaning the garage last week.
So. Um. Yeah.
That’s pretty much what’s been up with me.
How have y’all been??

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