When Three Handed Chalk Creatures Attack!

It rained most of the day yesterday.
And I know most people, not from Ohio, (and not inside my over-active imagine) may not know that when it rains, any chalk drawing that smears or comes in contact with another living creature can come alive.

I’m sure it’s on Wikipedia somewhere.

Anyway, because of that, and because I’d seen the kids in our court running around in the rain, I was a trifle concerned when I saw this on my driveway.

I knew it wasn’t going to be good. Just days earlier there had been fantastical creatures (ok, a butterfly) drawn there.
My sense of trepidation heightened upon seeing my beloved grill….

I could scarce contain the girlish yelp that fought to burst forth after seeing the tell tale signs on the garage door….

My worst fear had come to pass. Not only was it the tiny-handed chalk monster (a particularly tenacious and bloodthirsty beast*)…but there was a second creature…..the THREE HANDED CHALK MONSTER!!!!! It was bad. Very bad.

I can’t go on describing what happened next. For fear that I will start screaming and the little guys in white coats will come and do that pricky thing in my arm that makes me sleepy and take my puter away.

*those scrolling all the way down here to see what footnote i put to bloodthirsty will be sad to know that I didn’t really had one, but tales of real monsters should always have a footnote, if only to say there isn’t a footnote. How could there be? These were hand prints, afterall. And who ever heard of ‘handnotes’??Jeesh.

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