2nd Floor Ackshun

Today was a great day. Perfect Ohio Autumn day. I got up this morning…chilled. Grabbed some lunch. Hit a garage sale (more on that and the Corn Hole Conspiracy later). Then Darrin came over for some 2nd Floor jamming and hanging out.

I had the back deck cleaned off and some chairs set up. During the jam session we were joined by our own little rhythm section. I don’t know what kind of bird this is. Darrin said it was a finch or something. I was thinking it was a woodpecker or something. Or maybe I just like saying ‘woodpecker.’

Darrin jammin’.
The prerequisite ‘down the fret’ shot.
The view from my deck.
Another shot of the peckerfinch or whatever it is.
Another shot from the deck.
“When I’m rocking out, the thing that really keeps me going is Diet Dr. K!!”
Once more percussion solo with the peckerwoodfinch.
The think I love about our deck is that when you look out, it feels like you’re up in the trees. So cool.
Second Floor…circa 2007.
Diet Dr. K…check.Capo…check. Doritos….check. MiniDisc…check. Twizzlers….check. Time to rawk!
If you can guess which gesture immediately follows this picture, you win the rest of CJ’s homemade cheesecake!!
After some jamming which involved superfluous use of the minor pentatonic scales for my solos-slash-wanking…and Darrin making the suggestion that there should be a drink for musicians called ‘PentaTonic’…we had much more jamming, eating of junk food and then settled in for the first 1/2 of the Buckeyes game before Darrin headed home (we try not to tempt fate by watching a full sporting event together…and true to form, the Buckeyes were just so-so the first half (going in to the locker room behind), and pulled out a huge win after Darrin left.

And now I’m watching the end of Soylent Green.

From what I hear, it’s pretty nutritious.

3 thoughts on “2nd Floor Ackshun

  1. We enjoyed a lovely bonfire at Chez Nash this evening. We wished you guys had been there!Nash said you sent him some pics from the fair of Michael with the \”jesus saves\” belt. I NEED THOSE!!

  2. It was fun jammin\’ dude. And yes, it is interesting that while I watched with you they were behind at the half. I go home and watch with the wife and \’Brutus\’ and we win by a bunch. Seems to solidify that theory, eh?

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