One Must Fall

Apologies in advance, folks. This is gonna be another one of those long photo posts that I’ve been growing fond of as of late.

And Darrin, I have to apologize for the name change, but I got to thinking….some of what I was writing, wasn’t so much crap as it was randomness. So I went back to the beginning. If I’m not mistaken, my very first blog on Blogger was Random Meanderings. And if I am mistaken, so be it.

Fall is in the air (and pretty much every where else, too). So I stopped by the local reservoir and got some shots that I think came out pretty well. And then I snapped a few more on the way to pick up Jen from her grandma’s.

I don’t really have much to say about them. So I’ll let the pix do all the talking.

peace out.


2 thoughts on “One Must Fall

  1. Nice photoz, dude! Not too many with power lines which is nice. Very hard nowadays to now snap a photo with trees without getting some stupid phone or power lines in them. Good jorb!

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