Crazy Chester Thrifted Me and He Caught Me in the Bog

Ah….feels good, don’t it? Yes. This is a thrift post. I had thought that it might be too cumbersome to bring the S700 to the thrifstore, but it was no more so than the Canon I used to carry. So…ladies and gentlemen, I give you…The Good the Bad and The Thrifty.

This trip was not a solo trip. This time I had D-man along with me. We had stopped off at Smackies for some FOIN! BBQ. It was tasty.

We were on a quest to get Donkey Kong for NES or GBA, but it was not to be. But enough of that. On to the thrift.

First off we have air soccer. WTF? 4 player soccer? This to me is just Hungry Hungry Hippos without the Hippos. And really, what fun is that?

I love Trivia Games. But I find that the boxes that they come in are so cheap. If only I had a way to carry my favorite Trivia Game that was a little more durable. Hmmm.

Personal Pong. First off, they have to show this with a woman’s hand. Because if they showed it with a guy’s hand, it would give the wrong idea. So, basically what you have here is a way to fondle your paddle and play with your ball. All by yourself. And it’s made of fine and easy to clean acrylic.

So easy a …oh never mind. It’s too easy.

Ease on down, ease on down the hole…

D-man models his favorite Trivia Game. If only he had a case to carry it in. Hmmmm.

It’s a Cosby sweatah…a COSBY SWEATAH!

CosSwe pt. 2
And finally. A Cosby Sweatah made by Tommy Hilfiger. Kids don’t do drugs and design.

If only I had some Jimmy Crum pants to go with my Cosby sweatah. Yay!

So…there are these socks (and michael jackson glove inserts) that I used to wear when I was on Ski Club in high school. And they seemed to work. But D- found the secret to why they worked. Apparently there was so much metal in the fabric that irritated the skin that you thought it was warming, but really it was irritating.

Do NOT do a Red Hot Chili Peppers with this, yo.

Joined the playaz club for about a month or two.

Oh Romeo, Romeo….the Reds??

I was going for the dude from Newhart. But D-man said I looked like Ricky from ‘Better Off Dead.’ Monique….Monique!

Anyone seen Dean-o?
Dah, comrade.

He’s a special lad.

I have no words for this. I felt like I aged 50 years just from putting this hat on.

This was my FAVORITE hat of the night. I ALMOST bought it.

Howdy y’all.

A wall of monitors. Nothing like writing on the glass with a permanent marker.

Hehehehe. So…basically you make money because you buy products off of yourself. And you can get 9 of your friends. You have 9 friends, right? Sure you do, because you’re a likable fellow. And they’re in your downline. And then you have people in your upline. And when people in your downline buy stuff, YOU make money. It’s a no-lose situation.

Bastards. I still have a garage full of soap.

The Truth About The Fonz….pg. 27….”I f***in’ hate sharks!”
This would have been SO much cooler if it had said “Revival in the House!”

Heh. D-man testing out his joystick.
At first I thought this was Second Camino. And I thought ‘hmm. That’s wierd. The Second Camino on top of the Baby Ford.’

What? I can’t just eat the food and look like Kirstie Alley? I have to actually watch the videos, too? Screw that.

Heh. CompuServe. 1.0. For Windows. Now I know some of you kiddies think you know Windows.

You don’t. Windows used to suck. It used to be a resource hog. It would sit on top of DOS. It took away functionality that you had in DOS, just to make you think it was better because it looked prettier. Good thing they got away from all of that.

This just looked cool. And had it been behind the showcase counter, I may have gotten it. As it was, I didn’t…because it was back in the back…and probably missing pieces.

There is still something fundamentally wrong about buying food at a thrift store.

Um…..tis the season. For crap.

Somewhere is a very thirsty Evel Keneval.

Gourmet. For your rodent. Huh?

Wait….so….if I put an ADDITIVE in my engine, it will DOUBLE my warranty? I’m somehow kind of doubting that.

Oh yeah. I’m gonna go all CSI on ya now. I bought this. You bet yer ass I did. $3.93 for a real patrol Field print collecting kit?? Um. Yeah. It’s at home as we speak. Waiting for latent print collection. I know what I’m doing this weekend!

Whoooooooooo are you….who who, who who?

Children of the Corn got nothing on this guy.

This just looks nasty. Good thing they weren’t making Spinach pasta. That would REALLY look nasty. Although, then I might have liked it more…I know. It defies explanation.

For an Old School Mix, might I suggest…

100’s of uses? Really? Because, I can think of 1. Applying steam to fabrics.

Yes. Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a collection of washable Pepsi Markers!

My first thought when I saw this was…’how gay.’ When I found you had to press its belly to make it speak, it removed all doubt.

I had these! You’d build these things and then wind them up and they’d walk or move around. Very cool.

Head to Head. I was never much good at the Baseball. Football I was better at. Baseball? Not so much.

It rubs the lotion….
OK. This was someone’s REAL butterfly kit. These were real butterflies. It was equally creepy and cool.

I had mixed feelings. I kinda really wanted this. But you hang something like this and all of a sudden people look at you all funny.
And after getting some Candy Corn, Michigan Cherries, a bag of Dill Pickle Potato chips..we checked out and headed back to Casa de Todd to get our MAME on Ubuntu on.

And if you’re wondering, YES, I did get AdLib running on my Linux laptop (thanks to D-man showing me how to actually USE DosBox)…so there will be a forthcoming collection of 8-bit madness coming your way sometime this winter. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Crazy Chester Thrifted Me and He Caught Me in the Bog

  1. Dude. I never saw that cave man doll. Funnier yet, I can almost guarantee that it is mine. I won that same giant cave man doll from Kings Island back in 1980-something and had it in the house, until about a month ago when I put it out for one of the several charities that do pick ups. Holy crap! I wondered where some of my stuff ended up. Now I know. Some of it ends up at the thrift store. There were probably several other stuff animals in that batch that were formerly mine. Kinda weird.

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