When I think about you iTouch myself

OK. To those that know me, it’s no secret…I’m a gadget whore. I love new (or new to me) gadgets and gizmos.

So…I was pretty stoked when the iPhone came out. Only one problem. I was NOT stoked about switching over to ATT/Cingular and having a $60+ cell phone bill a month PLUS $600 for a phone. That would NOT fly at the Casa de Skaggs.

Nor would I expect it too.

So, I figure…OK…eventually Apple will release the iPod with a touch screen..just like the iPhone…only without the phone.

And the did.

And I want it.

Sort of.

First off, for the moment, I can’t really afford it…so it’s rather a moot point. But some things may be falling in place that will change that.

Second off…I don’t really need it.

Third….it’s only 8GB…or 16GB (but given point #1, it’d be the 8GB model).

The main draw is the video part of it, and the contacts/schedule and web browsing.

Now if only I had a device that let me do all of that already-I wouldn’t have to spend $300 on the iTouch.

Oh…I do.

My Dell Pocket PC.

The screen is the same size and resolution as the iTouch. Plus it has more things I can do with it.

It’s just big.

And old.

And not as shiney and new.

BUT…..at $10 for a 2GB memory card….it’s exponentially cheaper to keep a media library for than the iTouch.

The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning that direction. Yes, it’s not BRAND NEW technology (whore!), but it IS highly comparable-function wise.

And what would I do with the iTouch at work? Listen to music (not watch videos).

And I already downgraded my 40GB iPod to a 1GB Shuffle for that very purpose….why complicate things by going back up to 8 (0r 16) GB?


No reason.

It’s a perfectly sound argument. Now I just need to silence the inner gadget whore and we’ll all be just fine. 🙂

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