Snow Day


Man…I forgot what a good snow was like. We are currently under a Blizzard Warning for the next 3 hours and under a Level 2 Snow Emergency. Which pretty much means you shouldn’t drive unless you have to. And I don’t have to.

So I’m gonna stay in.

Did I go outside and play in this? Of course I did. Did I try out my fancy used Snow Blower that I’ve had 2 years and only used 5 times? Yes. But dude…it did NOT like the 10inches of snow in my driveway. Luckily one of our neighbors has the industrial big brother of mine and he did everyone’s driveway.

And that’s about all I got for this post. It’s cold outside and I’m warm inside.

Here’s hopin’ you can say the same.

And now a few pix from this afternoon.


Tommy and the neighbor plotting their revenge…


…from their super-secret snow-fortDSCF1274 

Casa de Todd.DSCF1275

The autobot doesn’t so much like the snow.


The neighbors. And I think that red and black lump is Tommy.DSCF1277 

This is looking down my street. Only…there’s no street!DSCF1278   

The fence at the end of our walkway. If it survives to see another winter, I’ll be surprised. But it makes a tasty desktop.DSCF1281

A shot from the other way, toward the house. There’s a lot of snow.DSCF1280


So…go out, play in it. Or bundle up inside  (that’s prolly the better option).



One thought on “Snow Day

  1. At least your snow blower started. Mine refused even after probably more than 100 pulls. It didn\’t get used at all last year so I\’m sure that\’s not helping. More frustrating is that I DID have it running once this year, but it was when there wasn\’t any snow and it was mildly cold out.*sigh*… so I hand shovelled last night around 7pm. But that mattered little, since I can\’t even see my driveway or see where the porch stops and the grass starts.

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