The Haps as of Late

So…the updates haven’t been as frequent as I normally try for. I could blame it on this or that, but the truth is most of the time I don’t feel like I have anything interesting enough to warrnant subjecting anyone else to it. So it mostly rattles around in my head.
I’m in a weird situation that I would never have imagined 20 years ago. Next week is a ‘mini-reunion’ of folks from my graduating class at Westerville South. I only found out about it because of the people that starting popping back in my life again on Facebook (which I only set up a profile on because we were going to be using it for Fantasy Football, but didn’t). So anyway. It’s weird. And if any of you peeps from over in Facebook land are reading this, it’s gonna sound weird and maybe bad, but it’s not meant to. It’s just something that struck me as odd, that’s all.
So, the oddness is this. Many of the people on that list are people that would not have hung around in social circles with me back in the day for any amount of money. There were just too many different forces in play. You had your Annehurst group, you had your HuberRidge Group, you had the jocks, preps, yearbook staff, newspaper staff,theatre folks, band geeks, grits, the nerds/geek/justSayNo crowd. The last group was the one I was in. So, admittedly I was probably seen as a goody-goody. Because I was a student athletic trainer, I was exposed to most of these other groups through sports the 4 years I was there and managed to float between various groups without really having any ‘enemies’ or problems with people (although when many members of the marching band conspired to make me think I had a secret admirer, I was a bit cheesed). I hung out with some of them. I actually only went to about 3 ‘parties’that I can remember in my entire high school career (5 if you count the 2 parties thrown by teachers). So, how does that relate to Facebook? Good question. I’m getting there. The people I hung most with in high school are not the people that have added me as friends in Facebook. The people on Facebook are the ones that I would consider to be in the ‘popular’ clique back in the day.  Although I knew some of them better than others, so that’s cool. But it’s weird it’s like if you asked me back in high school if I’d be swapping stories about kids with so and so, I’d have asked you what you were smoking. And that was really more of an indicator of MY self esteem issues in high school. Like “why on earth would they want to be friends with ME?”
Which I guess is the point I’m trying to make. The shit that happened in high school didn’t really matter. Sure there were good friends, cliques, unrequited lustings, but in the end none of that made any difference 20 years down the road. So to me, the concept of a mini-reunion…an informal night of hanging out and swapping ‘where are they now’ stories is actually quite intriquing. Out of the context of a ‘formal’ high school reunion, I can see the potential for actually getting to know some of the people that I didnt’ really know (and didn’t really know me) back in the day. Because, truth be told, I’m a really interesting mother-f**ker with some crazy stories from the past 20 years.
Yeah. Um. So that’s sitting on my plate. I have to RSVP by tomorrow if I’m going to that or not. The thing about it is, it’s on the same night as the annual Soisson Halloween party (that I haven’t been to for 2 years). Duane and I used to get together and concoct these elaborate living dioramas of the macabre and scare the crap out of the trick or treaters. We haven’t done that for 4 or 5 years now, but it was fun. I don’t when it stopped or why, but life came along and shit it does sometimes. So. Going to their party might be weird, too. Because we’ve been out of touch for a couple of years and it would just be odd. I mean, I know his whole family and his parents treat me like a son (named ‘Scott…oh shoot, Todd’ on most days) so it would be familiar. Like a pair of old sneakers you haven’t worn for a while that you can just slip back on.
I’m just not sure I want to slip on the sneakers or try the penny loafers (which would be representing the mini-reunion for those of you playing the home game).
I’ll probably wind up staying at home and watching “Life” on TV (there’s irony in there somewhere).
The missus, of course, knows the Soissons, but is still leaving it up to me as to which I’d rather do.  I’d like to do both. I guess. Stop at the mini-reunion…hang out for a while. Then head over to Soy’s and hang out for a while over there. It’s doable. But..we’ll see.
Other than that, work’s been crazy…not really crazy…but busy. And steady (it’s good for a support rep that people don’t know everything there is to know about our software). I’m also ramping things in to high gear at ICC with the Video Ministry. We’re meeting weekly to work on things and are planning to have the first 2 DVD sets done and for sale by 12/31 (which seems like a long time, but isn’t really). The goal is for that to turn in to a full-time gig. And we’re on target for that. I’m guessing it’s a year or two out, but still a reachable thing. Which would just be CRAZY. Getting paid and making a living doing something that I have a passion and drive for?!? What kind of madness is this.
In other news, the Nokia N800 isn’t getting sold. I’ve reflashed it and am reloading it to it’s full geeky potential (or at least as much as I’ll use of its full geeky potential). And we’re chalking it up to a $300 lesson learned on the perils of being a gadget whore ($200 for the unit, $50 for the bluetooth keyboard and $50 for the various cases I’ve purchased for it). What IS really nice about it is the potential to throw a bunch of pix on there and have a nice digital photo album I can take places. Like say…a mini-reunion or a halloween party.
I was looking through the posts recently and I’m actually a bit bummed that the thrift store now sucks. Those posts were fun. I need to find another avenue of commenting on photographed quirkness. Perhaps I’ll get some inspiration this weekend as I head down to KY with my dad for our quarterly father/son road trip.
Well, my lunch is almost over, so I better get back to work.
Peace out.

One thought on “The Haps as of Late

  1. 1) I know the \’i don\’t have anything interesting\’ feeling. I mean, who here really cares to know if I got and then got over strep throat. Yeah… not many. And you can only mention mowing the lawn about a handful of times. Hence, why I go for the infrequent, multiple subject updates which might amount to half a hill of beans.2)Yeah… reunions are weird. Despite being \’class president\’, (which doesn\’t mean anything at all really. I don\’t recall having a single meeting. Ever.) I totally missed the 5 year reunion cause me and a friend from high school were roaming around the US for 40 days after graduating college. I went to the 10 year reunion and it was a bit weird. Lots of drinking. People who hooked up in high school quasi-hooked up at the reunion, despite their marriage status. Weird. And the majority of the people are from the group of people who chose to stay in said home town. If there was a 15 year reunion, which should have been last year, they certainly didn\’t contact me. Or anyone who I hung out with and still occasionally contact for that matter.3) Um… work is crazy for me too. (See, posts about my life are fairly booooooring)

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