Stuff and all that

It’d be silly to say that there’s not a lot going on. There is. I just don’t find myself posting on ye olde blogge much these days. I blame Facebook for that to some extent. There’s a slew of old friends (but not all of them , ahem ahem) on there and it’s just easy to put a status on there and have a ‘conversation’ of sorts on there. So, that’s one reason why I don’t blog as much anymore.

That and I’ve been really frickin’ busy. The video work that I’m doing with ICC/IMG is taking a lot of ‘spare’ time. To the tune of 10-20hours/week. And that’s cool. I have to look at it as essentially a startup company where we have to bust our butts to get things rolling.

Work (my job that actually pays the bills) has been crazy, too. Things got a little difficult there. So we’re all strapping ourselves in and getting ready to ride this wild economy out through 2009.

Things at home are good. Jen’s still doing really well in HS. And Tommy’s doing well in middle school. We’re in-between sports (which is good for now) so that means more xbox playing (and less time to myself around the house…which is neither good nor bad, it just is).

I think a third reason that I don’t post as much is because I don’t really feel like anyone gives a rip if I put a new exhaust fan in the downstairs bathroom (well, I know my family is happy about THAT) or if I hung one of those automatic air freshener things. I don’t have anything profound to say on these pages and I feel like if you’re going to take the time to read them, I ought to at least make it somewhat interesting.

But, yeah. That’s all I got for now.
Seriously, go sign up on Facebook. I’m all kinds of funny over there.

later. Back to the editing.

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