Yes, I realize it has been a craplong time since I’ve actually posted anything on this blog. And even longer since I posted anything relevant. Looks like 2 weeks or so to be precise.

Yes, I’m busier these days than in recent history. Yeah I’m kind of bored (ok, bored isn’t the right word…but it’s the safe word for right now). But none of the typical excuses should keep me from Blogging to the delight of the 4 people that ever read this blog.

What’s going on in Todd-Land
The kids continue to grow into their teenages roles in our household. Take that pretty much anyway you want to. Chances are, you’ll be right.

Nancy’s in an opera, Turandot. Put on by Opera Columbus. I’m not an opera fan, but I love to hear her sing. She could sing the phonebook. Although that might be weird…I’d still listen to it. I might try to smuggle a recording device in to the opera to get a decent recording of her singing.

Still no calls from Gilby Clarke or Glenn Hughes to come out and be rock and rollers. And that’s ok. I got the 1099 for ‘prize’ package. I’m not sure I could afford to be a rock and roll star AND maintain my habit for StarWars action figures.

I have been putting 40 hours in at work. Used to be more. Economy took a dive. No overtime. Can’t say I’m completely unhappy about this (although I didn’t really mind since it was only 5-10 hours overtime).

The lack of overtime just means I have more ‘free’ time to put in to the work I’m doing at International Christian Center. And free time it is. I’m over the Video Ministry there. It’s a phenomal opportunity and one that should eventually grow into a full time job. It’s gonna be very weird to me to actually get paid for doing something I love to do. The closest I ever got to that was when I worked at Flamingo Isle. I’m fond of telling people that I deejayed there. Truth is, I dropped the needle when we were cleaning, getting ready to open for the evening and I also did actually DJ a Birthday Party there or something. This was shortly before they closed up for good….sadly my Rob Base and DJ Eazy Rock 12″ was never seen again. But THAT was the closest I got to getting paid for doing something I loved to do.

That’s about all I got for now.

Eventually this blog is gonna go all Members Only (only without the cool collar belt thing). The reasons for that aren’t too surprising. There’s a chance that someone’s gonna read this blog that I don’t want to read it because of the fact that I would need to censor myself. And the point of a blog is not necessarily for me to censor myself, but to get those sometimes disturbing, often mundane musings from inside my head to outside my head where they can’t mess with me anymore.

So. Um Yeah.

That’s about all I got for now.


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