Crapumentary-Four Years Later

In February of 2005, my main man Darrin was way into the AAD (Album A Day) scene. The concept (at an ultra high level) is that any art and creation is good even if it’s bad and that by forcing certain aspects (such as time of creation) the artist will produce more (eventually getting to the good stuff at some point). Such is my take on it. So, the rule is basically this-you must complete an album from concept to final product in 24 hours. There’s fine points about length of the whole thing and # of tracks etc., etc, but you get the gist.

So, right. Rewind. February 2005. I have the Bright idea of doing the video version of the CrapArt project (which I aptly and quite unoriginally titled ‘Crapumentary’). So I asked Darrin to let me set up a camera and have it roll while he did his creation….sort of a ‘observation of an artist in the wild’ kind of thing. I had a ‘Hot Wheels’ camera (that I ganked from Tommy). And I had 24 hours worth of tape. We were set. Darrin agreed.

On Feb 17th, 2005 I stopped by to show him the gear and set things up. I also got some interview-y type questions at the time on my other POS camera (the Aiptek SD videocamera).

On Feb 18th, 2005 he started his album. And he completed it sometime the following Sunday, I think. I got the tapes and gear back and was all set to make my masterpiece.

Through moves, and life, the tapes sat. I always kept them by my editing computer, to work on…when I had the time.

Fast forward 4 years…Feb. 9, 2009 and I’m starting the process of capturing the video. And dude…it’s gold. Darrin went so far above and beyond what I had even envisioned…he set up a clock right by the camera…he had a secondary audio source for recording…and a clapper to sync the vid and audio. It’s blowing my mind. And sure, I’m guessing he probably did some things that he wouldn’t normally do on his typical AAD efforts, but holy crap. This s**t ra-hawks!

I am only about 30min in to the footage and I’m already seeing a ‘talk show’ or ‘where are they now’ kind of theme in the movie….like the ‘long lost tapes of Daring Nails’ or something like that. Because, this stuff is awesome.

I’m jazzed to start working on this. There’s a real good chance it could suck bawls….but if I have fun making it, then feck off. Because that’s why I started making movies in the first place. And I’m sure at least Darrin and Ian will get a chuckle out of it with me.

Darrin-you rule. That’s all I gotta say man.

One thought on “Crapumentary-Four Years Later

  1. heh… I had pretty much not remembered that I had done footage… or the interiew… or the clock… or the second audio source… or the \’marks\’. I didn\’t even remember what YEAR I had done the album-a-day.I truly look forward to seeing this piece of \’crap\’. 🙂 I\’m sure it will awesome!!!

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