Here and there and everywhere

It’s been about 3 weeks or so since my last post. This kind of amuses me. I go from 3 posts a day to one post every 3 or 4 weeks. I think part of it is, since FB, I feel like I get the ‘I’m scratching my big toe’ bullshit out of my system and the blog is now been relegated to the ‘important (read:DEEP) stuff.

And that may or may not be the case. I don’t really know. Maybe I’m just not feeling all that DEEP these days?

What I do know is that I’m on a bizarre ride right now.

Here’s the skinny on what’s been going on in my life these days.
Work is fine. Morale kind of sucks around the office, to be sure, but nobody really talks about it, because, well, we’re all just pretty damn happy to have a job these days. And I’m guessing that the mood is because of the general overall grey cloud that’s sitting on the furrowed brow of America as a whole, not just our little company.

Stuff at Dad’s company is also on the semi-bleak side. Business is tough all over, it seems. I’m confident they’ll persevere, though, because well…have you met my Dad? He really doesn’t take no for answer…and failure generally isn’t an option for him.

Things at International Christian Center are definitely ramping up. Sometime in the last few weeks it hit me that I was actually the head of the Video Ministry and that I needed to really drive that to make it what it needs to be instead of sitting around and wondering why we’re not living up to our potential. So, I started thinking like a team leader. And I’m putting things in place to make sure that anyone that volunteers in that ministry does not get burned out and that we grow our team. It’s going well. There are challenges, to be sure, but I’ve got a good feeling about where we’re heading as a team (and there are some very exciting things on the horizon for ICC in general).

Family stuff is going OK. We’re down one TV which, really shouldn’t be all that stressful, but it seems to be anyway. I actually don’t mind, but then again, I was wanting to cancel cable altogether, but I tend to oversimplify things (AND overthink them…not always the best combination). Spring cleaning is gonna happen VERY soon (the CHUD Hole needs purged)…so THAT should be a fun weekend.

I recently posted the ‘professional’ (cough) videos from the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp shows that I was part of to Facebook. I only posted the sets from the bands I was in. I may or may not post them here. Most of you that would read this are also on FB, so it may be just as easy for you to catch them there (which basically means I’m too lazy to bother loading them a second time).

I got to thinking about the whole Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp ‘experience’ as it were. It was seven months ago (give or take). And my perspective on the whole event has shifted somewhat. In hindsight (damn you, hindsight), I SHOULD have taken a solo at House of Blues…but whatever. I’m good with ryhthym. And the stuff that REALLY bothered me about the whole trip is really, really minor when put next to the overall blessing of the trip as a whole. I got to see that yes, I WOULD have fun as a ‘rock star,’ but the touring…the only seeing the inside of a bus or hotel would drive me batshit crazy. Seriously. I like making music, but I’m very happy now to just make it in my house for my family and friends or to use in my films. That’s the other real regret…I didn’t take more video. But not much I can do about either of those things now. But I have to say that I DID have fun and it WAS a blessing (and truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity) for me. And I will find myself talking about it without bothering to mention the negative stuff (that doesn’t make for very inspiring stories 🙂

I think I need to start playing more.

Not just music, but just playing in general. Things seem to just get too serious and heavy too quickly these days.

Hmm. This is kind of a bottle rocket post, huh? BIG fwoosh, LOUD whistle, teeeeeeeenie tiny ‘thwop’ at the end.


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