It’s all Ned’s Fault

So, this post was going to be about my upstairs (relatively newish) TV being dead. Which precipitated the title…which of course refers to a Ned’s Atomic Dustbin song about killing your television. And then I thought…Ned’s Atomic Dustbin…N.A.D. ….Nad.hehe. so if I were cheering them on using the short version I’d be shouting “Go NAD!”

And this is how a blog gets derailed before it even gets going.

If any of my FB peeps made it over here because they were jonesin’ for what passes for wit over there, I’m sorry….er, I mean welcome.

Don’t bother cleaning up, I’m pretty sure they’re not coming over.

FB-Facebook…yeah. As Ian said…’it’s evil’ And it’s evil in insidious ways. The new interface is to blame, I think. At first you could only see shite that was relevant to you. When people commented on your stuff or when you commented on theirs or what not. But not anymore. Now if a friend of a friend breaks wind and comments on it, you know it (It looks something like this “Timmy > Bobby “dude, I totally blasted a$$””

And then, since you know Timmy (or Bobby, I’m not here to judge), you click over there to see what the big deal is and before you know it, you’re flipping through photos from Aunt Sally’s Wedding reception on the Jersey shore. And you don’t even KNOW Aunt Sally!! Oh, that and 2 hours of your life is gone. Thanks a whole hell of a lot Aunt Sally!!

So, I’m cutting way back on it, I think. I already weeded my friends list down 10% today. If I do that every week or so I’ll be at the level of people that I actually care about by 2012. I could just save time and put the 4 people that read this blog on there and be done with it.

That and I’ve been wanting to work more on video editing (and writing)..and I found that by not fecking around so much on FB last night and the night before, I actually got a good 2-3 hours of editing in.

Checking in from work is starting to be frowned upon, as well. I guess it’s not really all that big of a deal since I’m kind of getting bored anyway. I thought that would be a place where I could be more of myself…but nope. Too many people watching. Not that I care if they watch, it’s just that it’s getting weird now. there are times I just want to put “I don’t f**king care about your status today and you shouldn’t care about mine, either” but…that wouldn’t be good protocol.

OR some bullshit like that.

Did I mention I’m doing an assload more editing latetly? The peeps at work have finally decided one year later (or is it 2…holy crap…maybe it has been 2 years now) to have me start editing the footage from the User’s Conference.

And it sucks.

I mean, it’s not THAT bad…but it was long before I had my cameras dialed in and,well, if it were up to me, I probably wouldn’t use the footage, but I actually think I can put it together in such a way that it will be usable (but it may not exactly match what they have in mind…and if they’re ok with it, I’m ok with it).

I started editing the footage from the Fresh H2O Cafe thing at church, too. I decided to do that one in small clips of each performer rather than try to do the whole thing as one ‘movie’ since it wasn’t shot that way to begin with. It’s not a complete shoot of the night since I had other duties to perform in addition to being camera man. But we do have a miniDisc soundboard recording…holy crap does it sound clean. If I were to ever get back into a band that played out, I’d only do soundboard recordings-I’m that spoiled that quickly.

Speaking of music…I flagged off on the Guitar Jam at I’s and from what I read I missed a good jam. Part of it was thinking I wasn’t in the same league guitar wise as the rest of the guys (and I’m just being honest), but most of it was the fact that I had a video clip I had to get ready for Sunday. Although, if it does go down again, I’m gonna tell the insecurity that it can go take a holiday and not come back, that isht is silly at this point. If I can mess up on stage in front of 1500 people that don’t know me, certainly I can play chords in a room of 4 or 5 other dudes that are friends, right?


Speaking of God. I’m starting to get the sense that some really big things are afoot. Stuff is going well at church and I’m doing more video stuff. I dig the comfort, familiarity, and relative security of my job, but I have to say that I will be very happy when I can go to work and say that I’m getting paid to do something I’m passionate about…I mean, isn’t that the point, afterall? Not to merely exist but to LIVE? Not to just have a life, but to really be ALIVE?!?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.

I have to write/direct/shoot/edit a short film along those same lines. I have been playing POD’s “Alive” over and over because I think the words are powerful. And in the shoot I’m crafting, I can see it being done as a spoken word piece. First by a woman, then another verse or chorus by a man doing spoken word. And in the last segment, a teen is going by with an iPod and you have that whole ‘you can hear what they’re listening to and when they take off the headphones, it gets really loud’ thing going on in that clip, too.

In other news, I plan on getting back to editing the Crapumentary footage soon. The trailer was so fun to make, though. Maybe I’ll just make 20 or so trailers and call it a day. OH. Of COURSE I’m kidding…jeesh, dont’ be so sensitive. I didn’t capture 15 (or was it 18) hours of footage to not actually do something with it, eh.

Oh…I almost forgot. The TV. Our flatscreen fritzed a few weeks ago. It comes on…you see the picture for 2 seconds and then it goes away and you’re just left with sound. Pretty sweet if I was blind. But, I’m not. Not yet anyway (I think they lied to us as children about that). So, Geeksquad is coming out on April 13th to fix it. It’s under warranty, so it should be fairly painless. I hope. We moved the cable box down to the TV downstairs (which used to be our good ‘upstairs, non-game’ TV), but Nancy hates to watch TV down there, so if something doesn’t happen soon, I’ll probably be bringing that one up here where the comfy couches are. Here’s what’s funny…I don’t miss it. I have watched way less TV and felt better about the shit I’ve gotten done so for me, it’s not a bad thing. It becomes a bad thing because it affect everyone else (we’re used to having a TV to watch and one to play games on). So, yeah. We didnt’ kill the TV, but I’d say we clipped it pretty darn good.

And with that, I leave you to your regularly scheduled life. Please disburse, there’s nothing more to see here.

One thought on “It’s all Ned’s Fault

  1. 1) \”That and I've been wanting to work more on video editing\” Darrin says: I know a movie slated for May 2009 that prolly needs some work. ;)2) \”there are times I just want to put \”I don't f**king care about your status today and you shouldn't care about mine, either\” but…that wouldn't be good protocol.\” Darrin says: Why not. I do. :P3) \”I flagged off on the Guitar Jam at I's\”Darrin says: Yeah, missed ya being there. Now I have to lug around the darn CD & DVD I made for you 6 months ago for like another 3 months. wtf, dude! j/k :)4) \”In other news, I plan on getting back to editing the Crapumentary footage soon. \”Darrin says: Ahhh… you haven't forgotten about it. Yay!5) \”Geeksquad is coming out on April 13th to fix it. It's under warranty\”Darrin says: While sometimes warranties are a joke because a) they expire too soon or b) because the 'extended' warranty is a joke, sometimes it's very very nice to have them.6) \”I don't miss it. I have watched way less TV and felt better about the shit I've gotten done so for me, it's not a bad thing. \”Darrin says: Troo. Good for you. I could probably give up TV at the moment. Most of the shows are 'meh'. J&K+8 is off for a lil while. I just don't care what they are doing on 'Little People'. The plots on 'The Office' have gone all sentimental (f@^% that, I say). Lost has me, um, Lost… I'm only watching really to see M's high school friend do his part for the next 7 episodes. If they brought back the UK Junkyard Wars, put Grant back on Robot Wars, put on Starcade reruns and had a music channel that had music on (or at the very least had movies, interviews, documentaries about music)… maybe then I'd give a RAT'S ASS about what's on tv. Oh, if they made IFC and Sundance part of the standard digital package on TW, that would be f'ing awesome… but the greedy ba$$turds won't do that anytime soon. At least there are the On-demand selections.

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