So, if you’ve hit this page from my Facebook page, you may have seen a status update about ‘the center buying the movie’ and about me going to Mexico to make a documentary.

And yeah, I’m pretty jazzed about that. So here’s the skinny on it (so to speak).

One of my friends from church is a larger dude (as am I, but that’s a story for a different time). He’s gone through all the tests, poking, prodding, medical hoops that his insurance has asked him to go through before they authorize the bariatric surgery (or one of those stomach surgeries) on him. And all his isht looks to be in order. But they still denied it. (Think we don’t need health care reform?? Think again). So, they’re denying this surgery that pretty much everyone EXCEPT the insurance company thinks he has to have. Which means it’d be paid for out of pocket. And I don’t know if you’ve priced that stuff….but it’s about the price of a nice car…on up to a small house. My man’s a family man…travels for work, works hard makes an honest days wages. So that kind of scratch just isn’t available.

So, he’s been researching other options. And if you’ve done the same, you know that Mexico is a hotbed for this kind of surgery. Don’t know why, but it is.  So he’s made the commitment to get the surgery done in Mexico for a fraction of the cost of what it would be here.

And this is where I come in. He had the idea of filming the whole process…from the time he made the decision all the way up to post-op and coming home and after.  And, obviously there are parts he CAN’T film and be in at the same time. 

That’s where I come in. He knows my movies…my passion. He saw (I think) the documentary I did about my family farm in KY, “My Father’s Eyes” and asked me to be on the crew. My duties are going to include camera, director, editor, sound dude, and whatever else comes up.

I think since we’re down there for a few days (in San Diego for one day and Tijuana for the next 3), we’re gonna try to film some other stuff, too. Short films, webisodes and whatever else we can come up with.

I know what you might be thinking…Mexico?? Dude! That’s nuts. Yeah. Maybe. And I know that the thought of surgery in Tijuana can conjure up some raunchy images. Trust me, I went through all the same thoughts.

But here’s what it comes down to for me.

  • I want to make movies
  • The expenses for this trip are mostly covered (travel and lodging are covered, just paying food)
  • I’d be making a movie AND helping a friend
  • I’ve never been to Mexico
  • I’d be making a movie
  • I’m gonna get some killer photographs, too, I’m guessing
  • Did I mention that it’s 1 week dedicated to making at least one movie (with several potential shorts).

And yes, I know the dangers. I have talked to several people who have spent time in Mexico (and specifically Tijuana)…and I know to avoid the water…and the ice cubes…and mixed drinks. It’s gonna be bottled drinks for me for the duration of the trip. 

I appreciate the concern, but I don’t plan on doing anything stupid. I don’t plan on being a target. I’m not going to let anyone shove a balloon up my butt as I cross the border. I’ll be fine. Really. 🙂

I know the concern comes out of love…and I appreciate it.

The trip is planned for the 2nd week of May. I’ll keep you all posted as this thing unfolds.


2 thoughts on “OLE!

  1. If anyone has any \”after\” questions, I'd be glad to help. As of July 1, I'll be 6 years out!Also, find out for me while your down there what an abdominoplasty runs. Here, about $18K. I'll never be able to afford that.Good luck, and don't drink the water. Seriously.

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