F**k You, Murphy

Few things make me unhappier than unexplained hardware failure.

Here’s how it happened…about 6months ago…my wife got a virus on her laptop (this was the Averatec that had been my primary laptop/editing computer for many years). Thought I got it cleared off (I didn’t). So the game plan was to wipe it and do a system restore. That kept failing. So, I set it aside with the intent to come back to it with a fresh head.

Then Sammy Chews-it-all came along and chewed the tip off of the power adapter, so that kind of ended that. I had a spare laptop set up and gave that to Nancy. I had the netbook by that time-life was good. I didn’t give it a thought.

Until the Mexico thing happened. Then I got it in to my head to sell the netbook, get a new AC Adapter, get a new harddrive, and get the Averatec up and running so I would have something I could write on (like the netbook) AND something I could do edits and rough cuts on while we were in Mexico (which the netbook would NOT be able to handle). All of which happened–except for the ‘up and running’ part. Looks like it’s a dead IDE controller, which pretty much necessitates a new motherboard-which would cost more than a new (or newer) laptop. Not to mention that I don’t have that kind of money right now.

Which is, to say the least, frustrating. I have no spare laptop now (got the one set up for Nancy and set up the other one for my mom for her birthday so she could write), I have no netbook now, and I have a harddrive and AC Adapter that I can’t take back.

What I do have is a portable DVD player with a 15″ screen. NOT gonna help me much with editing /writing. But…if you know anyone that needs a portable DVD player, I’m letting one go for cheap.

And Murphy, you suck…you and your laws.

The internal dialog continues…

Somewhere in my brain is a book…or movie…or lyrics…or really bad weepy teenage girly poems waiting to come out. I tend to procrastinate about a lot of things, but it seems I’m getting a head-start on my mid-life crisis.

The funny thing is…it’s not really a crisis, per se. In my head I know all the variables…I know the expected outcome (or at least the one that should be expected)…I think I know what things would or would not make me happy. So…what’s the problem?

Well…normally the problem is that I think too damn much. And that seems to be the case here, too.

Without giving away too much…the theme I’m working on is…how much of the past do we, as people, really need to hold on to? What’s healthy…what’s not? That kind of isht. Why were things so much better in the good old days? Don’t know really. I just know that there are some thoughts and ideas kicking around my noggin and that they MAY just be the key to unlocking this whole ‘living as the best me possible’ kind of thing…and achieving my dreams…fulfilling my life’s purpose…and living a happy and fulfilled life.

You know…minor things like that. I’ll keep you posted, but it’s not going to be a play by play…some of the shit I’m sorting through is for my eyes/head/heart only. So…just know now that you will be getting the censored version…you can have your first amendment b.s. when it doesn’t involve my heart/head/soul mmmmkay?

And really, that’s about all I got for now.

Back to paying bills.


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