What the French Toast

This truly was a crazy weekend. Friday night started with euchre and adult beverages and went in to the wee hours of the morn. Came home, crashed on the couch (didn’t want to wake anyone). Then somehow, I woke up to my phone flashing (yes, it was on silent). So, I had to head over to the church to let them in for their meeting (apparently I was the closest on the ‘key chain’ for people who had access to the building)….headed out to my car only to find….

Driver and left back door were open (push closed against the car, but not latched). Thought it a bit odd….figure I may have been trying to get something on my way home from the euchre-fest. Upon closer inspection I realized that my car had been tossed. Can’t really say it was broken in to, but it was tossed. Everything from the glove box was on the front passenger seat….the altoid tin was on the floor. That back seat was messy (no change there). The GPS was on the front seat. I tried to figure out what was missing.

As near as I can tell, they took both pairs of prescription sunglasses and my back up set of glasses. They LEFT the GPS (and the charger)…and a bunch of other stuff (including the garage door opener) in the car. The officer surmised that they were startled and didn’t finish the job. Annoying. I really LIKED those sunglasses, too. But all in all, I figure I got off lucky.

I guess it was probably Karma for dissing another friend that I was supposed to meet over at Brewstirs for brewskis. All told, by Saturday night, I had heard of 6 other people in the neighborhood that got hit Friday night.

Stupid. I hate people who break in to cars. My last experience with that was in about 1989 or 1990 or so…I was over at Ians and we had just gotten back from (or getting ready to go to) Dominos for the requisite large pizza and 2 liter of pop (each). We got in my car and noticed that they had taken my tape case. Normally not a big deal. But this had all my Kid Chill tapes (and a few Devilcake tapes I think). Don’t know how we found them, but we drove around Huber Ridge until we found some kids walking with my tape case. I don’t think I spoke. I think Ian did all the talking. I just glowered and tried my very best Firestarter stare. It worked, I guess, we got the tapes back.

Fast forward 2o years later. They left the tapes…and took the sunglasses….what the french toast?!

Saturday was pretty uneventful after filling out the police report. I napped from about 1-3 (or 4)…we got Domino’s for dinner and then hung around the firepit with the neighbors. That is my IDEAL summer evening (I’m a simple man at heart). One of my neighbors who is the laptop king…loaned me this beauty I’m currently typing on. No discussion was made of how long he’d let me hang on to it. I upped the RAM and dropped the 250GB harddrive in it that I got for my other (dead) one. I figure when I get enough scratch saved (way after the Mexico trip), I’ll make him an offer on it so I don’t have to worry about peeling off the Autobot sticker I’ve already put on there (it looks sweet, yo).

Sunday morning was church…great message about walking with the Spirit (it’s a WHOLE other post, so I’ll spare you that for now). Then over to Jherons for Sunday dinner (excellent roast and mashed potatoes. I’m sure the cabbage and broccoli was on point, too, but I don’t eat them, so I didn’t).

Then we met to discuss the Mexico trip/movie extravaganza.

It was a productive (albeit silly) meeting. We decided to be a little more realistic about it and go in with the intent of getting a 60-90min. documentary out of it (instead of a full blown series…there was just no way that was happening).

Ironed out some other details. I have to say, I’m getting pretty excited about the whole thing (even more so than I already was).

Sunday evening was pretty uneventful after that. I put together a stack of software I wanted to make sure I had on the laptop (and then proceeded to load it).

In more ways than one, this was quite possibly the quintessential Awesome French-toast weekend!

And because of that awesomeness, I was able to surf over some of the waves of suck that hit me at work today. I could go in to them, but really, there’s no point.

I need to start working on the book/movie that’s been floating around in my head now. As painful as the last one was to birth…this one might be more so. We’ll have to see. This one may have a very limited viewership and truly just be written to keep parts of me from going batshit crazy (probably why I’ve hesitated to really start writing it…again..we’ll see).

And with that, I leave you to what’s left of your Monday.


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