So, I’ve been head over heels for the strip over at Questionable Content-even though apparently I’m like 3 years past the curve on that one. And through that site, I’ve found some other web comics (or ‘webix’ as I like to call them) that have been quite entertaining, too.


There was a time I wanted to draw cartoon strips (I’ll gladly thank Bill Watterson and Scott Adams for that).


So for a while I dabbled with it. I have drawings here and there in journals from various stages in my life. But it was just funny…I got to thinking….


What would happen if I tried to do that again today? I mean, what if I decided I needed ONE MORE HOBBY??? LOL. 


And this is what happened at lunch today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first episode of ‘Well Defined’


well defined # 1


I’m not quite up on the lingo, so I’m not even sure if ‘episode’ is the right word….or issue….or panel….or what.


This is OBVIOUSLY a rough sketch. Although I really like the idea of calling something ‘Well Defined’ when clearly, it isn’t.


And I see so much sh*t on a daily basis that makes me laugh and think ‘wow-did that just happen?’  And it did. Life’s pretty freakin’ funny if you take the time to stop getting all bent out of shape by it.  My biggest problem is that if I did that, I would want to put things in there that happened throughout my day…or put things in that would be what I REALLY wanted to say to some people.


And I think we can all agree that doing so would not end well.


But whatever. There’s one rough sketch in the can. And there may be more…who the hell knows?


That’s all I got for now. Time to get back to work.


There will be a more thorough entry later (along with an update to the photo blog from this weekend’s MS Walk-a-thon at the Columbus Zoo).


Until then, peace out homeys!

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