The Facebook Experiment (Pt. 1)

I think, in no uncertain terms, the Facebook experiment, while having seemingly positive benefits, is actually turning out to be an epic suck of mass-epicitude.

It is, for me, a time-suck. There is no way around it. It feeds in to my amazing lust for instant gratification. In less than 420 words and mere minutes, I can get instant feedback on how witty, clever, inspiration, funny, and douche-baggy I am. It’s almost real time.
It’s the illusion of being in a room with all your friends (or a bunch of people you think are your friends, or wish were your real-life friends..or..whatever, you get the f*cking point)…so, you’re in this ‘room’ (which in reality is everyone sitting lamely in front of their pc, or reaching for their smartphones every 20 seconds to see if someone responded to their witty, clever, inspiration, funny, and douche-baggy post.
Only the rub is…people bullshit about stuff they would NEVER say if they were actually in the same room with the person. It’s the Internet trap of ‘implied anonymity’ where you can get away with shit because people will assume that they must have read it wrong, that you cant’ really be THAT much of an asshole in real life.
Did I mention it’s a time suck? Because it is. It’s a phenomenal waste of time. In the almost 2 years (or is it 3) that I’ve been on Facebook, I can count on my fingers (not sure I’ve hit my toes yet), the number of times the information I gleaned from ‘the wall’ was actually something that bettered my life in a ‘wow, I needed to hear that’ kind of way.
I have WAY more thoughts in my head on this, but the need to form themselves in to orderly lines before I let them loose here.
So for now, I’ll dub this ‘part 1’ and let the shit percolate for the part 2.
peace out.

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