In the Temple of the Butchered Cow

1990-1992 was a very jacked up period in my life. I’m not even gonna lie.

1990 I graduated. My HS girlfriend decided to break things off and I was introduced to the concept of ‘casual sex.’
Fall of that same year while away at college I drank from the Devil’s teats and tried my first taste of alcohol (And second, third, fourth, etc). Winter of that year I pledged a fraternity and later got Walking Pneumonia. Later that winter I got one of the lowest GPA’s of any student at DePauw whilst still being able to remain a student at DePauw. I finished out my turd of a freshman year in Indiana and got set to come home to Ohio and go to school at THE Ohio State University.
But to get a sense of what really went in to the making of ‘ITTOTBC’ you have to go back to 1988 when I got my first guitar (well, probably earlier, but this isn’t really an autobiography, now, is it?).
I got my first 2 guitars approximately the same time. 1 was from my grandparents. A Lotus acoustic (that I still have) and from Dan Soisson I got an Epiphone by Gibson PR350 (that I wish I still had). Both acoustics…both woefully under-exploited in my newb hands. Luckily I had Ian to encourage and show me the ropes.
Also, let me say that if I dated you…or had a crush on you…whether you knew it or not, I wrote a song for/about you. You may or may not have ever heard the song, read the lyrics or known of its existence, but it was there. This started in probably 7th or 8th grade…and continued up up until my current wife. Because, afterall…isn’t that why we all wanted to be rock-stars? To get chicks? No…of course not.
So…that brings me to ITTOTBC…it’s a collection of what was going through my head with regards to life, failing my parents expectations, questioning religion’s place in my life, getting my cassette tape case stolen from my car (and chasing down the thieves and recovering said tapes)…and it’s a few love songs (or more specifically songs written for people I had more than a passing fancy in at the time) thrown in for good measure. If you were a special lady in my life from 1990-1992, there’s a good chance that something on this tape was written for/about you.
And it’s cracked out. Seriously. It’s some of my earliest work using a multi-track (Ian’s Tascam, I believe)…my singing is very raw and untrained (some things stay constant), and the guitar playing is pretty basic. But thanks to my friend (and musical mentor), Ian….it has not been lost to the boxes of tapes from my life.
Ian digitized the tape. You can find it here:
It sounds better than I remembered it….both quality wise and sonically. I see where 20 year old Todd wanted to go with it. And who knows, I may dig out the four-track and give it another go.
Actually, there’s not really a maybe about it….I know that music is much cheaper than therapy…and it’s a part of me (as much as the writing and photography and filmmaking are)…it’s an outlet…and thanks to this little OCD stint by a good friend…I’ve gotten the kickstart I need to get back in to the full-on writing (well, that along with finding myself back in a band-type situation)…
so…um. yeah.
Sorry for the ramblings. It’s been a damn sight since I’ve ‘blogged’ too.
That feels kinda good too. 🙂
PS my 3 top faves from the tape:
  • In the Temple
  • Duck on Acid
  • Zen 1992
Peace 0ut, yo.

2 thoughts on “In the Temple of the Butchered Cow

  1. Ahhh…. ITTOTBC. Classic stuff.I love hearing all the little soundbytes in there. I remember that you had just gotten the Ad Lib sound card… the one you did for Rodomontodd (MY fave Todd album). I think by that point the Ad Lib had a mic input, so we were taping all the people on our floor (that we liked at least) and playing it back. It was a hoot. The one night we had a guitar PA hooked up to the computer. We were tired of the dorkoids down the hall who would always blare music after 'quiet hours'. Since the RA wasn't always around, we had the idea of taping the RA saying 'Quiet hour, folks!'. I forget his name. My contribution on this album is Donald Duck saying 'Oh Bullshit!'. I guy named Eric (who once drank enough Dr. Pepper that colors started running down the walls) did the maniacal cackle. Our roomee Steve had a girlfriend whose name was Penny and she told the story about the newt. The RA also did the little bit about 'man has not learned… blah blah blah.. fishes'.At one point I still had some Ad Lib file hanging around, but when I went to read them last year sometime, sadly the floppies couldn't be read any longer.This album is also notable for being the reason Todd and I ended up being life-long friends. Todd was at OSU for one year and was my roommate. Then he left to go to Ohio Dominican (I think) and we lost touch. Then, sometime in 1999 or 2000 (I could look up the exact date if I wanted to)… I was listening to my copy of ITTOTBC. I was singing along to Why… Goodbye and thought 'i could add some harmonies to that…. i wonder where Todd is now'. With a little ol internet search, I ended up finding one of Todd's emails. And the rest is history. 🙂

  2. I love that story, man….Rodomontodd is probably high on my list of faves (probably neck and neck with 'Toss'er' (for different reasons))…..2011=more music…whether or not it fits any molds. I think that's why Rodomotodd worked so well….I really didn't know any of the academic rules of music…I just put shit out there..and painted dots on a screen. And for some reason, it worked. :-)love you bro!

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