Dropping in on Acid…again

Not sure where the time went between the last post and now. And quite frankly it doesn’t much matter.

I know that I’ve been working…and doing some writing…some practicing for the acoustic duo/band thang…and some snow shoveling…and of course, Acid.
No..I don’t mean that which drove Mr. Barrett out of his ever-loving mind. I speak mainly of Sony Acid. A loop-based cut and paste music production tool that people seem to compare to Garage Band (even though it pre-dates Garage Band by easily 10 years…but I digress).
So..yeah…cleaned off one of the external harddrives and loaded it up with all the loops I could find (yes, even the shitty Magix ones)…all told about 20GB of loops and samples.
And I’ve been playing. Yes, in general, I have steered away from the ‘borrowed’ and ‘eval’ versions of the software. I could tell you I did all of this with Acid Xpress. Let’s just leave it at that.
I’ve done 3 songs in as many days. Not sure I can keep up this pace…but I have to admit that I’m having a shitton of fun with it. It keeps me off of FaceCrook for an hour or 2 AND it’s creating something. It’s win-win.
If you missed them on Facebook, here are the tracks, and a little of what I was going for on each.
I really had no plan for this track. But it was written on Tuesday night when the white death was supposed to hit us. And quite frankly, it was just a way of re-familiarizing myself with the software AND the assload of loops.
This one to me represents that place between deep slumber and your alarm going off for that first time. After that, if you hit snooze…you never quite get back to that place of slumber. And damitol if that alarm doesn’t keep coming back.
This one really is just a cross-pollination of all kinds of music styles…going back to the ‘old’ blues…and as current as ‘new’ techno. The irony is, it’s a sample of a blues guitar so the song winds up being an inside joke with itself. Out of the three, it’s probably my favorite so far.
And there you have it. And now, I need to head to bed…I needs me some sleep…especially if Friday rocks as hard as it should (or sucks as hard as the other days of the week have).

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