Epic Weekend of Epic Awesomeness!!

Man…this week sucked. And by sucked I mean I was a bit frustrated at my day job. There’s really no need to go in to that here, because, well, the week is done. And I’d rather not re-hash any of that.

But it was necessary to lay the foundation for my mindset by the time Friday evening rolled around. The mindset was, I needed to forget ALL about the week. I had made plans for lunch and hang time with my best bro Darrin for Saturday afternoon. Which left Friday to get the weekend started proper.
I hit up a surprise party for a friend early in the evening at Jimmy V’s. Jimmy V’s is in Uptown Westerville (don’t ask, it’s a post for another time)…and it’s like 2 blocks from the Westerville Police Station. Now, I’m not a fan of drinking and driving anyway, but those odds led for me being fairly subdued at that event. I hung out a bit….ate some apps….nurse my Smithwick’s…gave my well wishes to the Birthday girl and headed over to my oasis.
That would be Brew’Stirs. That place is my Cheers. I feel like Norm when I walk in. Chris (he tends bar on Fridays and Saturdays with either Kara or Karen) sees me walk in and heads to the cooler, pulls a chilled pint glass and draws off a Shock Top for me. It’s on the bar waiting for me when I get there.
It’s so fucking awesome to be someone that the barkeeps know as having a ‘usual’. The other thing that’s great is I walk there. I drink my fill (a $20 is usually enough liquid amnesia to make me forget that I have to do the same thing all over again at work Monday morning). And then I walk home.
It’s awesome. And this is just the normal awesomeness associated with Brew’Stirs on a weekly basis.
This week, though, it was a bout of Epic Awesomeness. By the time I hit Brew’Stirs from Jimmy V’s I was so ready to forget the week that it wasn’t even funny.
But I wasn’t alone this week. This week I had almost a dozen good friends there to help forget the week (most of them are friends from back in the dizzay that we reconnected with through FB…and when we hang, there’s that history as well as the currentness of knowing what’s on each others wall…it’s a weird dynamic, but it frickin’ works, man, it works).
Drinks were had….and then we ordered pizzas. Now they don’t serve or make pizzas there. But Classic Pizza is right down the road and they have a Brew’Stirs ‘special’ (which is basically $2 off). So we ordered 2 pizzas. Dude gets there. And he’s got 4 pizzas for us. 2 that were ‘undelivered’ (damn kids and their prank phone calls)…so for the price of 2 pizzas, we got 4. And of course, our bartenders take care of us, so we made sure to take care of them. (ALWAYS share with your bartenders. Trust me, it pays off).
So…drinks-Awesome. Extra Pizza-Awesome. Good Friends-Awesome. Closing the bar down until lights up-EPIC AWESOMENESS.
I crashed into bed feeling very happy….peaceful and more than a little shnookered. The weekend had begun.
Darrin was due to hit my place around 1130. I was up by 10 and all ready. Hung out editing some pix until he got there.
We don’t really ever set an agenda for hang time. It’s more organic than that. And that’s cool. After some catching up and chillin’, we settled on lunch. Wings at Rooster’s. From there the day was open. It was National Record Store Day, so the notion was briefly entertained of hitting the record stores on Campus to see what was shaking.
We got in and just started driving the service roads, then we decided to hit Lev’s Pawn Shop. Darrin had never been in a pawn shop. And while I had (and knew they were pretty much kinda like a sad garage sale with walls, and armed cashiers), I decided to go along. You never know what you’re gonna get into there. And I kinda dig Pawn Shops anyway. Just always seemed seedy to me.
Getting out of the car, in the abandoned parking (minus the taco truck) we see a pink onesie with what I hope is mud in the crotch. This didn’t bode well.
Walking in we hear “Holy Fuck that’s a lot of Blood! He’s really bleeding…..” Actually Darrin heard it first, my ears kicked in on “They’re scrapin’ that shit off the ice”. I apparently saw the hockey game on TV first because it didn’t really phase me. But I can see where it would be a very odd greeting upon entering the store.
Nothing that either of us couldn’t live without at this store, so we baled. Back on to the service roads we went.
We eventually decided to hit the revived Graceland Area. and hit Half Price Books and I got my vinyl fix on. It was close enough to NRSD for me to count, so I did. I got 10 12″ singles, most were electronica tracks I’d never heard from artists I didn’t know. I love that shit. I also got the Kill Bill Diary by David Carradine and strongly resisted the urge to pick up a pair of retro headphones I didn’t need.
Holy crap has that place changed. There’s a whole other post about how icons of my childhood/teen years have been wiped off the map (Farrell’s Ice Cream and the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday and Saturday at Midnight).
So…yeah..Half Price Books. Ducked out of there and headed back toward mi casa and hit the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the way.
I gotta be honest, I was really craving a tetanus shot by the time we left there. It was just….dirty. Skeevy, sad, and dirty. That was probably my last time in there. Ever. At least without a haz-mat suit.
Luckily for us, ANOTHER Lev’s Pawn Shop was right next door. So we hit that.
Bigger than the first, but again, there was really nothing I needed. Then Darrin pipes up ‘Hey..you still got that MiniDisc?’. Yeah, I said. Why?
He found a MiniDisc recording deck. I definitely needed it for the studio (don’t start pushing the semantics of the word ‘need’…let it go)….so I looked. $159. Um…what? Oh, it’s been marked down to $60.
That was still more than I wanted to pay. So I do what I almost never do. I asked the guy behind the counter if they’d take $40 for it.
They weren’t sure. They got online to see what it was going for on eBay. They came back and said ‘We can’t take less than we have in it. And we paid $50 for it. So, it’d be $50+ tax’. I thanked them. Told them I’d think about it and if I wanted to spend $50 on one, I’d be back, because I was sure it’d still be there. I put it back on the shelf and Darrin and I started leaving. 3 steps toward the door they stopped me and said they’d take $40. Jelly.
Got it home…tested it out. It works like a champ. And I still think I got a bargain. Especially since I got it for less than they wanted to sell it for.
We chilled and watched Epic MealTime and laughed our asses off. It was a great fucking afternoon.
That evening I went to Port Columbus with my parents to welcome my Uncle Don back. He had gone on the Honor Flight for WWII Veterans. It was a tremendously powerful and humbling experience. And a fantastic way to end out the Saturday of Epic Awesomeness.
Today hasn’t really be so epic OR awesome. Too much thought about the week ahead (especially thanks to being on call). But there was enough awesomeness in Friday and Saturday to get me through the week.
And this coming Friday, Dad and I are heading down to the farm. I’m expecting nothing short of a surreal journey…and some awesome photographs.
OK…off now to get my shit together for the week ahead.
Peace out!

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