T-Shirts? F**k Yeah!

I love t-shirts….the quirkier and geekier, the better. I had some kick-ass ones that got recycled to the thrift stores because I outgrew them.

Well, let’s be clear. I got fat. And I was ok with that. Honestly I was. I have as of late always been comfortable in my own skin. It was only when I tried to do things that my body couldn’t do because of the weight (see Party Rock Anthem Saved My Life for details), that I had real issues and reservations about the 150 extra lbs I was carrying around.
Oh. Yeah. The doctors said that I should weigh (at the high end) 185 (which was my weight my senior year in high school). I was pushing upwards of 330…easily.
And, like I said, for the most part I was ok with that.
But I really had some sweet fucking t-shirts.
The fattodd way of wearing them was to always wear them pulled over a long sleeve t shirt that was ridiculously oversized. Somehow it worked (at least in my mind). But as I said…I still wound up recycling some of them (RIP Atari Logo Shirt).
Some of them I kept.
Like this guy.

I got this shirt when the first Transformers movie hit the big screen. And I wore it a couple of times (always ‘fattodd style’).

Now, if you don’t know, the first Transformers movie came out in 2007. Which means I probably got this shirt in 2006 at either Kohl’s or Hot Topic (neither of which is too fond of selling XXXL shirts (although you can find some at Hot Topic..for that obese wannabe-hipster).
So, yeah. this shirt is a 2XL.
And you can’t see it here, but I’m wearing it the normal way. You know. By itself.
No shirt underneath it.
It’s actually comfortable on my body…not tight…not stretched.
In other words it fits.
It fucking fits.
And yeah, sorry about the cussing (but not sorry enough to edit it out)…because this is a huge deal for me.
And it’s going to be an even bigger deal when I post that this t-shirt is too big.
Will I be upset to let this shirt go?
yeah, sure I will. It’s a kick-ass shirt.
Will I be happy as a pig in shit to be taking clothes to the thrift store because they’re too big instead of being too small?
Fuck yeah I will!
It’s happening. Day by day. Pound by pound. Inch by inch.

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