Cutting to the Core of this Apple Shite

So…one really cool thing about getting a Mac from a business that had it all tricked out for pre-press imaging is that I have Adobe CS4 already loaded and shit’s dialed in for that.

The not so really cool thing is that there’s all this other stuff on there which, for a printing company-is pretty much a requisite. For a up and coming photographer, not so much. So I have a feeling that the next couple weeks are going to be spent tweaking and dialing in the machine to make sure that it’s running at its optimum for what I’m going to be using it for.

I’m still completely pumped. 🙂

In other news…I saw the sleep doc yesterday. Well, technically I saw the sleep nurse practitioner yesterday. But she assessed me and determined that yes, after 14 years since the last sleep study, it was probably time that I do another. And it looks like I’ll be getting a new CPAP machine. A smaller, quieter one hopefully. No more sleeping in Darth Vader’s bathroom for me. I’m sure Nancy will like that.  Not sure when the ‘hook a ton of wires to your head then make you sleep’ study is going to be, but it should be interesting. Hope they have free wi-fi.

The weight loss journey is going well. I’m bouncing around a bit, but still at a solid 55 lbs lost. I’m hitting that plateau point. I’m getting ready to repeat the full Advocare 24 Day Challenge (including the herbal cleanse) again just to see if I can kick start it back on track. And I’ve got some of those fancy dancy push-up bars. I figure I need to add something else in to the routine besides just the bike every morning (although, to be honest–I am getting to the point where I need the bike….the days I don’t ride just blow chunks).

Awww yeah! It’s almost air show time. Labor Day weekend….the Cleveland National Air Show. I can’t wait!! This will be my 3rd year.  And one thing I’m super jacked about is that each year, I wind up going with a better camera and better lenses. Not only that, but I’m getting better as a photographer (and getting comfortable with my gear–which is key). So…add all that to the 6-8 frames/second that I can shoot with the D300, and I am  hoping for some kick-ass photos this  year!! If you like planes and all the kickassery that goes along with them, you should definitely check it out.
And on that note, I’m gonna get ready to head in to work. There’s a bit of a lot to do this week and I’m excited to get to it.
Have a fantastic day full of blessings! (If you’re not sure whether you’re blessed or not…look around, I’m willing to bet that there’s at least one blessing. Start with waking up–when you realize that the day you’ve been given is a gift, then everything starts to be a little bit cooler).
Peace Out!

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