Days Dan Confused

I may have mentioned about my long work week last week. Please keep in mind, that was not a bitch fest. And while I can honestly say I was tired as sh*t at the end of the week, I can also honestly say that when you are in the midst of a fantastic company, the occasional long day and week doesn’t really become that much of an issue. I’ve bought in to the fact that it’s a fantastic company to work for. So, I want to do my part to make it kick ass.

And brothers and sisters, that’s a welcome change of pace for me.

Anyway, because of the week last week, I was going to take today off as a sort of comp day. I had big plans of working on some photography related things and also maybe finally get the downstairs area organized.

Then the fun storm rolled through last night.

As soon as I saw it get dark at work, I texted my wife. “If we lose power, we’re getting a generator. Period”

With 3 90degree days on the horizon, I wasn’t going to go through that isht again.

She texted back that a piece of the tree had fallen.

That “piece” actually turned out to be about 25-30 feet of the top of one of the trees. Luckily my neighbors still had not repaired their fence from the last storm, so that was one thing I had in my favor.  I knew it was going to be hot today. So, I changed in to a t-shirt and work boots and grabbed the chain saw.
An hour later, it looked like this:
I cut up all of it in to what I would consider ‘pieces’, heaved them over the fence in to my yard and cleaned up as much as I could. There was really about 3 good size trees worth of crap there that had fallen. 
I went out this morning to start working on getting it cut down and hauled out, but damn…it’s hot already and the humidity is so high that I figured heat stroke was NOT worth it.
Now I’m back inside….working on the studio…or will be soon as I press ‘Publish’ on this random meandering of gibberish.
Stay thirsty my friends.

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