Gasseous Clay

It is the 2nd morning after the 2nd night of the new CPAP machine. They raised my air pressure from 12 to 14. That of itself may not seem like a lot, but my body would beg to differ with you on that.

It was so bad Tuesday night that I got up about 3 times in the middle of the night because I thought that the little thing from Alien (which, I guess would be the alien, wouldn’t it) was about to pull a John Hurt (or Kane, as you might know him) and burst out of my chest. I’d only had gas that bad a few other times.

Apparently my body is getting used to it. In addition to phase two of the face-hugger conundrum last night (in which I only woke up one time to relieve the pressure), I again had about 15 minutes of some serious pootage this morning. Funny, I don’t remember being judge in any Chili Cook-offs recently.

I know that it’s just going to take some time to get used to it. The old CPAP was the same way. And my body got used to that, too. But there’s a couple of differences…this one is a full face mask (covers my mouth and nose). The other was just a nostril mask (meaning that my mouth would open, thereby releasing the air…problem was–my mouth would open, thereby releasing the air (instead of forcing it down my closed esophagus)). There’s no where for the air to go now but down my wind pipe..which is probably a good thing.

Except for the tremendous gas.

Did I mention I’m farting. A lot?

Yeah. Sorry. It’s been pre-occupying me. I sure hope my body acclimates to the new pressure settings soon.

In other news of bodily functions, my body is now 64 pounds lighter than it was in November. In 8 months I’ve reduced my body by nearly 20% of what it once was. This also puts me at 60% of my total weight loss goal.

I’m completely pumped, yo.

So…other than the tremendous gas (and mostly better sleep), the health things are really falling in to place these days.

Work is going phenomenally well. It’s really kind of blowing my mind that I’m at a place where I can see a future and see the difference I can make in the company. It is a blessing. And I literally thank God every day driving to work (ok…maybe not literally, but it’s on my heart…and that’s what’s important).  I’m ramping up for a 2 week trip to Maryland to get ready to lay cable at the new store. I’m pretty excited for that, too.

I’ve been mostly doing photo editing lately with a few scattered shoots here and there. But I’m finding that the passion for the photography has not waned in the least with the newfound job love. In fact, it’s grown for the simple fact that now I can do the shoots that I want to do. I can get creative.  I can shoot just to shoot. I don’t really have to worry about trying to take every gig that comes along because I’m not trying to build a business. It’s not a plan B for me to retire to right now. Now it’s just about growing and fostering my skills and craft.  Which…is a pretty fucking cool place to be, if you really want to know the truth.

And the writing. Did  I mention the writing? I’ve written more on this blog in the past two months than I have in the past two years. I predict that very soon, the number of recent posts on the blog will out number the number of blog entries for the entire time I had a facebook account.

THAT makes my heart happy.

Happy hearts kick ass.

And with that I need to go get ready for work…I’ve cooled down after my 25minute ride. Time to hit the Meal Replacement Shake, have some vitamins and rock and roll in to this day.

Hope your day is filled with so many blessings that you have no choice but to share them with others!


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