No News Is Good News

Part of me wants to take a very philosophical bent on that statement. I mean, I can’t remember when I first heard it, but it ties in with the age old ‘Ignorance is bliss.’ And I suppose to an extent it is. If you read in such a way that it means “if you receive NO news at all, then it’s the same as receiving GOOD news.”

I could argue though, that it means that no news of any time is good news. Such that, if you receive any news whatever, it’s not good news.

The philosopher in me wants to rip down that path, caution to the wind like the final kid in a red rover game that has one last chance of breaking through the other kids’ line.

You see, the philosopher in me (who, it would seem, is of the existential bend) would take it to mean that if you are in a position to receive ‘news’…which is information of something happening other than where you are currently, then you are not actually living or experiencing that of which you are receiving the news.

In other words, news of a Michael Phelps medal does me no actual good. I’m not winning the medal myself. People racing against Phelps don’t need the news of his win. Spectators in the natatorium don’t need news of his win, they were there to live the experience. Thereby, of its nature, news is not good because it only serves to remind you of that which you did not live through in person.

But this is a debate for another time.

All I was really looking for was a way to put out an entry that simply said, I don’t have much to report today. Rode 45 minutes on the bike this morning. I farted less during the night, with less cramping (but still blasted a 20 second wolf biscuit this morning). And I’m looking forward to kicking ass at work today and having a few drinks with friends this evening.

In other words, no real news at all.

Have a fantastic Friday, my friends. And for the 5 of you that regularly read this space, remember one thing as you read stories of great exploits and happenings out there in the world…there is always someone that would look at your story and think that the life you’re living is truly blessed.  Don’t prove them wrong.


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