Belaboring The Issue

Alright…so it looks like I may never actually catch up with all the witty ‘I’m out of town for work posts’ from last month when I was in Baltimore. Oh sure…the stories may come out from time to time as in a ‘Oh…that reminds me of when I was out of town for work for 2 weeks in Baltimore’ kind of segue. Beyond that…yeah, not so much.

This past weekend, though, was epic beyond epic…truly. First of all it was a long week at work…by which I mean that by 5 of the clock on Friday, I was ready to toast my good fortune, friends, and awesome job. I got home around 7, thanks to traffic (and that’s….OK). And yeah, I did hit Brew-Stirs (seriously…did you even need to ask?).

It was one of the best times I’ve had there in quite some time. Some friends came out that don’t normally come out (including a good friend of mine who has never actually been to Brew-Stirs)….we practically closed it down (well…a couple of my friends DID….I left early to make sure another friend got home safely).

I had no intention of staying out as late as I did because Saturday was slated to begin the Daddy/Daughter Road Trip Weekend of Awesomeness. Jen and I headed down to Ironton to see my mamaw. Rumor has it she wasn’t doing so well. And the rumors, unfortunately, were true. She’s not doing well. She’s not eating. It really sucked seeing her that way. But before we got there to see it…Jen and I stopped at the 23 South Flea Market just outside of Pikeville for a good ole slice of red-neck Americana….AND…some kick ass fudge. Then we visited my Aunt Lois and Mamaw. Mamaw ate some of the fudge, but she just didn’t look well. She reminded me a lot of how Papaw looked just before he passed on. He looked old….first the first time in my life, he looked old. And ready to die. Mamaw looked the very same. On both accounts. I hope I’m wrong about that, but I just don’t know. I ordered some meal replacement shakes and had them sent to Lois Ann’s…hopefully Mamaw will eat those and start to get some of her strength back.

The return from Ironton brought us to our second home (MicroCenter). I can’t remember what, if anything I bought….oh…wait…yes I can. Batteries for the Nikons….annnnnnd….something else. A new bag maybe? Yeah. A new bar-bag (bag that I carry my iPad and keyboard and a few little odds and ends when I go to the bar or some other place I might get the inspiration to write). My previous bag had been beered by Chris the night before. That’s right. Now it’s all coming back to me…sort of.

And no trip with Jen to MicroCenter would be complete without a trip to Lilly’s Asian Restaurant. I swear they put heroin in their egg rolls….those things are THAT good.

Another trip to BrewStirs saturday night (because, hey, it’s the weekend, right?). But I didn’t stay long. As Jen and I had ANOTHER road trip planned for Sunday.

This one was to Cleveland for the Cleveland National Air Show. I’ve gone for the past 4 years, and loved it every time. Each time, my photo-gear gets better and I wind up with some amazing shots. I took over 2300 pictures this time and I think I got a few keepers (I’m still going through them). Here’s a couple:



The first is of an F18 Super Hornet just below SuperSonic….the second is of the Blue Angels (I have 200+ frames of Angels 5 and 6 crossing in show center and this is the only shot where I have them lined up…yeah, I got lucky).

Now, just so you know, the shots are actually of my laptop where I had the photos up in Adobe Bridge (the actual files look MUCH better).


I’m just stoked I got some of those shots.

And I’m pumped because Jen is now a fan. She definitely wants to come back next year…and really…who can blame her? It’s bad-ass.

Stopping at the Goasis on the way home we got some of Barb’s Fudge. I’m not sure it’s as good as the fudge from Grandpa’s Cheesebarn and Survivalist Compound…but it was tasty fudge.

Monday was a pretty chill day. Grilled a bit and played some Words with Friends. Contemplating doing a blog post and other things like that, but Chilling was the order of the day.

And with that, the weekend concluded. Back at work now…finishing lunch and finishing this blog post.

This weekend is the 4th Annual Westerville Prohibition Pub Crawl (see? I DO find out about things even though I’m not on Facebook)…so I’m gonna be there. And of course, I’m sure I’ll be at Brewstirs.

Oh crap! Looks like lunch break is over.

Hope you are all having awesome-sauce days filled with Jelly!!


Talk to you soon!








*someday, I’ll post about the whole ‘-A.T.’ thing…it’s not slang, it’s my initials. Alright, gotta get back to work.

Peace out, yo!

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