America, F**k Yeah!!

You ever have one of those weeks where you look back and you’re like ‘fuck, I’m so glad this week is over…’ And what’s funny is…yeah, this week was busy at CRAZY busy…but the funny thing about that is that I’m still so fucking in love with my job that it doesn’t bother me like it used to…but that doesn’t mean that I welcome Friday night any less. Because…let me tell you… Friday night is a welcome thing. It means 2 things…drinks with my friends at Brew-Stirs, and pizza. Both of which I don’t really get through the week.

And this Friday it’s doubly awesome, because like a dumb ass, I did kick boxing 2 nights IN A ROW this week. And speaking of kick boxing, I went at it. I signed up for the full year. That’s right, I’m now doing kick boxing AND Hap Ki Do at Kuryogo studio. The cool thing is that it’s right down the street from my house…walking distance as a matter of fact. And I have unlimited sessions. AND I got free boxing gloves..and a free gi (or whatever the korean martial arts equivalent is).


Did I mention that it’s 1:35 AM and I’m blogging from the bar? Because I am. And I have to say…I’m fucking happy about it. Yeah…I’m a bit toasty.

Dear readers…here’s a secret….or not.. I have bar I walk to every Friday and/or Saturday night…I drink my fill (I AM Irish afterall) and then stumble…er…walk home.

Yes…I’m the douchebag at the bar typing on his bluetooth keyboard connected to his iPad updating his blog. Yeah. And you love me for it.


Haha..yeah…I’m a little tanked. I really hope something technological happens and this post never sees the light of day. But I know it will….because I’m a better geek than that

So…yeah. I have no idea where this is going…but I might be a bit inebriated. And I might be typing on a keyboard at a bar. And earlier today I might have looked like this.



Yeah…iTod. That’s my shit.

There’s a whole story behind it…but at this point I’m rambling. So I better just hit ‘post’ and go from there.

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