I Hate Being Sick

I can’t tell you how many times in the last week I was seriously ready to pack up my work out gear and head to either kick boxing or Hap Ki Do. Actually, I can. Seven. Seven times.

And each time, a coughing fit from walking one area of the house to another convinced me that (A)I wasn’t quite up to it yet, and (B) others taking the class might not appreciate my dedication through sickness plan.

So I refrained. And fuck if I didn’t put 4 pounds back on. The 4 pounds I had lost in the last 2 weeks are now back. Granted, some of it may very well be water weight. But some of it is not. Some of it is “I wasn’t working out enough” weight.

That shit pisses me off.

So…While I’m probably not back up to 100%, there’s no way I’m missing workouts this week. It’s the week leading up to the Warrior Competition Sparring Tourney at the Do Jang next Saturday, so I’m not sure if I’ll be attending all of the Hap Ki Do sessions (I probably will even though I’m not competing), but I know I’ll be doing at least 3 sessions of kick boxing. Maybe 5 if I do Saturday and Sunday.

It’s kind of funny to me. If you had told me when I started that I would actually be pissed about missing workouts, I might have semi-believed you, but not really. But now, it’s like I know how much my body needs them. And how important they are in getting me to my goal.

My goal is in sight. I am 39 lbs away from my goal of 225. Once I get there, we’ll see if I set the next goal to be 195 or not. It’s really going to depend on how well I feel and if I think that there’s still some fat left to shed. I figure by the time I get to 225, there’s going to be a lot of the fat that has been converted to muscle and at that point it’s going to be a matter of toning.

I know, though, that I need to hunker down and really get too it. No more of the occasional slip ups. Sticking to proper calories with the right foods is going to be crucial from here on out.

I’m up to the challenge. Afterall, I need to get my ass in to Warrior Dash shape…because, well, I already paid to enter. And while I know I’m not actually doing it to race against anyone, it is a personal race against myself. I need to prove to myself that I have what it takes. That I have the Viking spirit in me that the Skegg clan came from. Born of Norsemen, conquering the Emerald Isle, and on to the New Frontier. That is the story of my clan…my tribe…my family and my heritage.  At this point, I’m all about embracing where I came from. It makes the path ahead of me so much brighter.

In fact, I just posted over on that (anti)social media site “The path to your future is illuminated by the lessons of your past”

Granted, I’m not the first person to say the same thing. The concept of experiences shaping reality is not a new one. I just like putting shit out there that comes to mind. Maybe it will help people, maybe not. But it definitely helps me to say it.

So I do.

And with that, my loyal readers and dear friends, I bid you adieu until later today. Still left on today’s list is photo editing, photo delivery, a trip to Mom and Dad’s, laundry, cleaning, and some test video with the new HD cam. And I’ll probably try to sneak a workout in there (maybe a quick jog on the treadmill) to see how the body’s gonna hold up.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


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