in Flux

Weird thing happened to me the other day. I was typing and as soon as I hit 88WPM, I found myself in a document I had written years ago.

Strange. Guess that’s what happens when I used Brown’s Doc DeLorean app.

OR something like that. Yeah…I know…it was a long way to go for a Back to the Future reference. Although I’d be lying if I said I was sorry I made it to begin with. Any day you can quote or reference BTTF is a good day in my book.

Speaking of books…I haven’t been doing much on Facebook this week but lurking. Which leads me to wonder….are the same peeps still reading the blog now that I haven’t actually posted on FB that the blog has been updated? Dunno. I mean I can look at a traffic report from and find out, but it’s more fun to just blindly speculate.

This isn’t really my lunch hour (I’m not actually taking a lunch today because I’m hitting up the chiropractor again today to try to figure out what the fuck is up with my shoulder/back).

Did you know that there are no plain M&M’s in any of the vending machines where I work? Well, there aren’t.

Now you know.

And with that I let you back to your regularly scheduled day. Hopefully more better updates with be forthcoming at some point in the near future.





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