Meh…And Other Tales of Woe

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated the blog. Sorry about that. For about the past 4 weeks I’ve been fighting this back pain (well…feels more like shoulder..but it shoots down my whole right arm). And to be honest, I just haven’t felt like doing much. The pain is constant and on some days its kind of overwhelming.

In short, it sucks. I’m not trying to garner any sympathy or anything like that…I’m just in pain. The drugs help a little..they take it from a burning stabbing pain to a deep dull ache. Which, I suppose, is better.

I’ve got two doctor visits this week. One with a DO, the other with the neurosurgeon. My choice is to resolve this things non-surgically if at all possible. But at this point, I just want to be out of pain. Seriously. I haven’t slept through the night in weeks. I’m almost always up 3-4 hours after I get in to bed. It’s not been a lot of fun. I totally don’t feel like myself. Even my trip to the farm was clouded by the shroud of ache that follows me everywhere these days. There are blissful moments where I don’t feel the pain, but I’m sure that’s because other endorphins are kicking in.

I really hope we can get it figured out this week and actually get on the treatment path and figure out the cause instead of just treating the symptoms. Because it’s making me somewhat of a Grouchy Todd. And between you and me, friends, Grouchy Todd is a total douchebag. He’s worse than Fat Todd. At least Fat Todd was a lot of fun. These 2 months of not working out have been something of a siren call to Fat Todd. I can see him starting the case the joint. Soon as I can get this back shit resolved (I’m not happy about ‘narrowing C5, C6, and C7 vertebrae), I’ll be working out as soon as possible to make sure Fat Todd doesn’t get any kind of foothold here.

I’ll let you know what the docs say!

Peace Out!


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