All Over God’s Green Earth

“I’m looking for a pair of insulated or quilted bib overalls. Carharts or something like them.”

It seems a simple phrase.  I uttered the phrase on my quest at eight different stores today.


  • Walmart in Westerville
    • They had a decent selection about 2 weeks ago. And I even thought I could fit in to the XXL’s. Today they had only 3 pairs of full coveralls and a couple of jackets. Nothing in my size.
  • Walmart on Morse Rd
    • 1 Carhart Jacket.
  • Walmart on Rt 23 North
    • 8 jackets (not my size) and 6 coveralls (very much not my size).  1 set of bib overalls that would have fit me in jr. high.
  • Meijer on Maxtown
    • 4 jackets. 1 set of bib overalls of the ‘jr. high Todd’ size.
  • (Ghetto)Meijer on Cleveland Ave.
    • A few jackets and 1 pair of bib overalls
  • Sears at Easton
    • Jackets only. They don’t even carry the bib overalls. This was news to me since I asked the man in the tool department the very specific question listed above and was directed to the men’s department.
  • Cabela’s
    • Don’t get me started on these ass hats. Completely unhelpful with all the customer service charm of Sun TV. Not to mention they didn’t have my size OR my budget ($300 for a pair of quilted bib overalls with tree branches on them?!? No thanks).
  • Tractor Supply Co.
And then, in a last ditch effort….fuel light on vapor (I actually put a little gas in 1 mile before TSC)…I turned in to the parking lot at 6PM praying they were still open (they were).
I asked to be pointed to the selection. And lo and behold, they had my size. But I had a question. Do I  buy the pant size that I wear (which they had) or do I buy them big (since in theory I would be wearing pants whilst wearing these).  I was told to buy them 2-4 pants sizes bigger than my pants.  
That posed a problem. No overalls in that buffered size. And one lonely pair of XXXL Coveralls on the shelf. 
I shlepped them off to the fitting room…guardedly optimistic.
They Fit!!!!
Fuck yeah they fit!!
The quest was over.
I won’t freeze my ass off next week. 
Don’t get me wrong, I still expect to be cold…but with these coveralls (the equivalent of getting the bib overalls AND the cold weather jacket), I should be in MUCH better shape than the last time we were there. Temps will be colder for part of the week…in the teens.  Without heat in the building, it’s going to be cold. 
So…we’ll see how it goes. But, I got them. I got my cold-weather gear.
THAT was the main quest today.
Mission accomplished.
It was funny. In every store (where I had seen the items online and in the store itself in previous weeks), I found myself surprised that the shelves were barren. It wasn’t until I had hit Tractor Supply and was talking to the (very helpful) sales rep and she said ‘You’re lucky we have your size but you’re especially lucky we have any left at all at any size with this weather’
With. This. Weather.
Oh yeah…Winter. Winter Storms in Ohio.
Makes perfect sense now why every store I went to was picked dry of cold weather work gear.
The other lesson here is…follow your gut. My first inclination was TSC, but since I had seen them at other stores, I thought I’d go that route first. Turns out the last place should have been the first…and I had known that all along.
And thus endeth the lesson for the day.
Peace Out!!

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