F**king Twilight Zone

So…I’m in NY. 

The original flight was scheduled to leave Columbus at 3:57. I had planned on getting there about 2:30. Then it got delayed (early on today) to 4:57. No biggie. I’ll still keep my 2:30 tee time because weird things happen with weather.
And they did.  The departure time got moved back to the original time.
It was clear, though, based on the flight to Philly before ours (1:30 departure), that still hadn’t left while we were chilling at the gate, that the flight was going to be delayed again.
My travel app showed the connecting flight from Philly to LGA as being right on time.
At one point near the end, our flight was scheduled to get in 7 minutes after the last flight out of Philly left for LGA.
Now keep that piece of info in mind…we’ll revisit it later.
We knew we’d miss that flight out of Philly. So we got the airline to switch us to a direct flight. This direct flight was on another airline and was scheduled to leave at 5:20 (just 30 minutes from the time we actually got the tickets). So we booked ass to the counter…only to find that the flight was delayed. Shocker.
We finally boarded the flight at 7:15 PM. And then we waited.
And then the captain came on…
Uh….folks…we just want to keep you apprised of what’s happening…We seem to be having a bit of bad luck. The first is…the weather. We’re constantly trying to stay ahead of that.

The second is..well..every plane has an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). It’s used to start the engine. Our..uh plane doesn’t seem to have one that works so we’re working with the ground crew. 

The 3rd problem we’re running in to is, well, the crew has been at this all day and is about to time out. Which means we’d have to de-plane.

Fortunately, we were about to take off. They got the plane started. 
90 minutes later we’re landing in Laguardia (although I could have sworn we landed in a cloud)…
Fast forward another hour after we landed standing at the Baggage Claims office looking for our bags (see previous note about flights missed in Philly and you’ll know where our bags are).
there’s more to the story, but I’m fucking wiped.
More later.
Peace out.

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