Taking a Piss Out of the Nanobots

Nanotech this….Nanobot that.

Clearly nanotechnology is going to happen. Hollywood has a history of prepping us and desensitizing us to things that eventually become common place in our society. Nanobots are no exception.

So…coupling that with a rare moment of conspiracy theory mania, I came up with a possible trigger for the zombie apocalypse.

It starts in public and corporate bathrooms.

A little known tech company is going to get in to the sanitation business.
They are going to develop urinal mats that are moisture activated. The urine will trigger an electronic odor reduction system. You know it’s working because as soon as your piss hits the mat, a red LED triggers…if you can last until it turns green (which is accomplished by a normal urination stream for 30 seconds), then you will know the odor reducing agent has worked. At campus bars it will become a game…a rite of passage.

Only…in my mind, the tech behind this is nano.

So…as your stream hits the pad, you trigger the nanobots, which then ride the stream back in to your bladder and in to your body. Like little tiny nano-salmon. When the light turns green you are infected.  A quick check at the initial piss confirms whether or not you have been tagged.

People won’t really think too much about birth rates dropping. By the time this happens, there will be enough environmental factors that can be blamed for this.

The implications for this kind of infestation are far reaching. It really only depends on my imagination as I write the book.

Oh. I did tell you this was purely a work of fiction, didn’t I?

Thankfully nothing like this could ever really come to pass in this day and age.


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