Temporal Shift

In every thing there is a season.

I read that in a book once. Funny thing about the book I read it in. As I read that book…as I continue to read that book, I feel that there is so much that is left out of that book. That it’s very design and current iterations and continual ‘translations’ are designed to keep its readers from knowing the full story. Whether that is the intent of the book’s inspirer or the intent of those who deliver the book to the masses, I cannot say–but I have my own theories on that.

Which leads me to the current thought. There is a time for things. And at this time in my life, yet again, I find myself very nearly fully disgusted with the ‘social media.’ I feel about is as I feel with the News Media. The News Media no longer actually deliver the news. And social media isn’t really about being social. Not any more. Oh, sure, at first it was about reconnecting. But lately it seems as though it’s about being classified in just the exact proper demographic. Facebonkers is really little more now than a well-oiled advertising machine. Have you seen the ‘commercials’ on your news feed? The ‘Pages You Might Like.’  Do you think that it’s accidental…random?  It’s a well-collected set of data. The powers that be at that face bookers thing have vowed that it will always be free. Why do you suppose that is? It’s a great service, certainly they could be paid for their innovation.

Fact is, they are paid. Paid by companies…by advertisers…by marketers…for your habits. When you click off of the site to external link, it’s tracked. When you click in to the site from somewhere else, it’s tracked. Every Like. Every Page you join. Every friend you add. Every celebrity or company your follow. Just another tick on a data sheet. And that data sheet is sold to big business so that you spend your money on their products. They’ll never charge you. That would be like charging the chickens in the henhouse rent. It’s not the chickens they care about. It’s the eggs.

Welcome to the machine.

That’s just a little background of why I’m stepping away for a while. There are more important things in my life currently that I prefer to devote my time to.  Plus there’s a whole thing of how ‘online worlds’ are desensitizing us, but that’s a post for another time.

It will be interesting to see how many views I get on this blog if I don’t post on the bookieface that I’ve written a new entry. Will people check back here or will this blog fade in to obscurity? Will people share it on their own walls? Who can say? To be honest, I write as much for myself as for anyone else.

I wonder how much more honed my craft will become if I wind up writing a post over here every time I get the urge to hit facebonkers? That site feeds instant gratification. Flash frying. Microwave life. I feel I need to step back a bit…hit the crock-pot….let things simmer in the slow cooker, if you will.

And that’s where we are.

And we’re somewhere else, too. Have you every had something that you know in your heart and soul was true, even though all evidence exists to the contrary? Or worse yet, no evidence exists. Either to the contrary or to validate your position. It’s a weird state to be in.

I wonder if this is what it was like to think the world was round when everyone around you is convinced, even on threat of death, that the world is flat. I suspect that to be the case. Not knowing who would believe you or why.

The bummer of it is…in order to prove that which I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have to prove the existence of something and then disprove the nature of that something.  IT’s not gonna be easy.

Especially when what we know of this man was written in a book a couple thousand years ago.

Turn, turn, turn.


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