No Mas

Ugh. So I’m thoroughly convinced, based on the new menu selections being offered by Taco Bell that they have finally employed ex- or current hippies (or rather, habitual cannibis users) on their R&D staff. How else to you get a taco made with 3 different flavors of Dorito taco shells…a mini Crunchwrap ‘slider’ and a Quesarito (Burrito wrapped up in a cheese quesadilla)?

There really is no other explanation (in my humble opinion).

And that’s not a bad thing. The choices are…well..innovative from the sense that they’ve taken something relatively ‘standard’ and gone off-book with it.

My last Taco Bell (hereafter to be known as ‘TB’ in this post) experience (other than last week) was last year. It had been months prior and I tried one of their little wrappetizer things. It didn’t end well. The lads at work had been extolling the awesomeness of the Crunchwrap Sliders for months. So I tried a couple last week. Expecting the worst in the colonic region. I had the requisite gas, but nothing else (least nothing like last year when I swore off TB forever…until the next time).

So, armed with false confidence, I tried again today. I had to try a Quesarito. No. No I didn’t have to. But…kinda I did.

And now I’m feeling it. I think the bullet I dodged Friday may be coming at me full on Gene Simmons Runaway style. We shall see.

In any event, I’ve had my TB quota for the year, I think. I guess the good news is…if this does go the way I think it will, at least I will have saved money on a high-colonic….and it’s a cheap way for a cleanse. O_o

By the way…the Quesarito was pretty awesome. But at nearly 700 calories, it’s nothing that can go on regular rotation.

The other thing I’ve noticed lately, since I’ve been (mostly) eating healthier (and mostly by healthier I mean, less fast food…things that aren’t highly processed and the like),anyway…since I’ve been eating less processed foods, less sugar, less enriched flour–I can tell in a very palpable way when I consume foods that are higher in sugar or more processed. My body reacts like a ‘what the hell was that?!?’ kind of vibe.

And when that happens, I feel bad for putting it through that, just for some momentary tastiness passing the lips. It’s funny–the foods I normally make taste really good, without the body-freak-out aspect. Makes me think that we tend to take too many chemical shortcuts in the interest of making a buck.

So…yeah…hoping I’m wrong, but making a run for the border actually was one of those few ‘truth in advertising’ moments 🙂


Enjoy the rest of your day, my friends.


Peace Out


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