Hungry Like the Wolf

So..driving to work yesterday I had Pandora streaming on my phone (thank you T-Mobile). Duran Duran came on (as it does often on the ’80’s Alternative’ station). And a line struck me in a funny way.

“I straddle the line of discord and rhyme. A howl and a whine I’m after you”

And the part that got me was…the straddling the line. Discord and Rhyme. That’s pretty much like my life right now. I know the people who love me never want to hear it, but there are times when I think myself quite mad. Not in an angry way. More like a British way. That is to say crazy. And not the go nutso and kill a bajillion people crazy. But more the ‘something in my head is off-tilt. And it makes me think that the way I see the world and everything in it isn’t quite the way ‘normal’ people see it.’

So there’s that.  I totally get you Mr. LeBon.

And then as that stuff was rattling through my brain bucket, I noticed traffic slowing for no reason in a spot it doesn’t normally slow. I had assumed the effects of unnecessary lane changes had finally caught up (more on that later).

That wasn’t the case. There was an accident. 4 or 5 cars. Several people running in a daze. The accident must have just happened. One of the cars was smoking quite badly. I drive with my windows down. I smelled the smoke. A burning, plasticy chemical smell. It invaded my nose and no amount of olfactory roofie would get rid of that or make me forget the smell. And I had a horrible thought. What if the car on fire had a fatally and it wasn’t merely plastic and chemicals I was smelling?  It was enough to make me thankful that I hadn’t had anything but a breakfast shake for this morning’s repast.

See? I told you weird shit goes through my brain and inconvenient times. You may want to just skip ahead to the believing me part next time.

And with that, my hour is nearly up.  I should be getting back to work, but I wanted to make sure I posted here. See…you may think I’m not writing as much lately, but I am. The thing is, most of it’s in my journal. So. Yeah. There’s that.

Anywhoo–have a wonderful Friday Eve my friends!!

Peace out

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