Choice and Intent and +16XP

I’m home. Not at work. Not on my lunch break. I just finished a tasty dinner that wasn’t delivered and remembered that I actually like to cook.

This is pretty much my go to. Frozen veggies….chicken…stir fry it with a crap ton of various spices and let it simmer on low while the rice finishes in the cooker. Then when it’s all ready, stir it all together and voilà!

It’s pretty tasty. And when you pair it with something delicious and refreshing such as’s a damn fine dinner.

But back to the working on the blog. Why the big deal about being at home? Simple. Because I’m typing on the Sharkk keyboard case for the iPad mini. By choice.

My laptop is 12 feet from me, but I’m at the kitchen table. Using the Sharkk. By Choice.

I reached a conclusion the other day. Even if I got the ClamCase Pro, I’d still have to hold down a shift key to get to the ‘?’. Kind of a wake up actually. On every keyboard, the ? is a second level key. So that shouldn’t bug me. It did because it was in a different spot. Someone moved my cheese. The apostrophe is the same way.

I found an inner voice saying Skaggs, get over it. So. Yeah. Working on that.

Choice. And intent. I intend to make this a viable option. To not have to take my laptop if I don’t want to.

I’m reading a book by Wayne Dyer and he talks heavily about removing his ego from the equation and I realize that’s what my little tantrum has been. My ego is pissy because things aren’t perfect. And yet-ALL things are perfect-especially in their imperfection. If this keyboard slows me down a little bit and forces me to actually think a little more about what I type, then cool. Granted, when I am doing my freewriting or manuscript writing, I’ll be on the laptop. That has to be automatic for me.

But this? This is completely doable.

Switching gears as I am wont to do.

I got some of these at lunch today.


If you think they’d be like Funyuns for grown-ups (wait–Funyuns aren’t for grown-ups?), you’d be right. They were tasty and a perfect complement to my salad with turkey. At first.

Something about these things must be hella-processed. My body did that “DUDE–WTF? That was some seriously artificial shit you just put in me/you” that it tends to do when something too overly processed enters it.

I can vouch, though, for the fact that there is some bit of actual onion in it, though, based on my bowelitary reaction after I got home.

I’m going to start gaming (D&D type stuff) with a couple of guys from work. I know–some of you are probabaly surprised that I ever stopped. Simmer down. Kinda looking forward to it. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do enjoy role playing. I’m just more in to the paper/board versions instead of the online.

Alright, I’ve bent your ear enough. Back to folding laundry.

Have a fantastic evening my friends.



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